Thursday, December 20, 2012

Book Review: Hearts Made of Stone (Short Story) by Arthur C. Carey

Hearts Made of Stone (Short Story)

Author: Arthur C. Carey

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Synopsis: Breaking up is hard to do. So why not get someone else to do it for you? Better still, why not capitalize on romantic failure and turn it into a profitable business?

That's the plan Aaron Felting and Dana Larson hatch over tea and cookies after meeting in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. Although Aaron falls for Dana, he soon finds she’s more interested in being the CEO of their successful Silicon Valley startup created to end the romantic entanglements of strangers than their own relationship.

How much more interested? Let's just say Aaron is about to get something worse than a cold shoulder...

Review: In a world where reality TV seems to be taking over and originally crafted shows are falling to the waste side, where you can select a husband from a buffet of twenty-five men or higher a Millionarie Matchmaker to set you up with the love of your life, Hearts Made of Stone is a fitting tale to show the consequences of trusting technology and the mass media to find you ‘true love.’

Aaron Felting is low on money and has no real direction for his life, that is, until he makes eye contact with a cute auburn haired girl and strikes up the nerve to actually talk to her. He discovers her name is Dana and she is just as desperately searching for a way out of her relationship with her boyfriend as Aaron is from his girlfriend. Dana talks Aaron into letting her break up with his girlfriend for her as long as Aaron will break up with her boyfriend for her. Thus begins the plan to turn breaking people’s hearts into a business. But Aaron soon realizes Dana isn’t who he thinks she is and breaking people’s hearts can be a lot more messy and deadly than just a simple e-card message.

I enjoyed the short story and the premise behind it. I liked how progressively darker Dana became and life threatening the break up situations became. I liked how much of a nerd Aaron was but his lack of common sense was ridiculous. I really just wanted to slap him! But I suppose that was the author’s intention. Aaron is gullible and doesn’t pay attention to what he needs to before it’s too late to change things because he is more focused on impressing Dana. I liked the reflection between the fast paced and convenience of speedy break up through a phone call or email paralleled to the demand for quick answers by a speed induced society.

I think the author did a nice job with only seventeen pages. I would have liked to have known what happened when Dana broke up with Aaron’s girlfriend for him and when Aaron broke up with Dana’s boyfriend. I also would have liked more depth to the narration since there were moments it felt one toned.

Overall, a short story that is worth reading!

About the Author: Arthur Carey is a former newspaper reporter and journalism instructor who lives in the San Francisco Bay area. A graduate of the University of Michigan and UCLA, he is a member of the California Writers Club. His fiction has appeared in a number of print and Internet publications including Funny Times,Future Mysteries Anthology Magazine, Writer’s Journal, Golden Visions Magazine, Dark Treasures Anthology, Suspense Magazine and Still Crazy. He is the author of The Gender War, a recently published humor novel.

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