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Book Review: My Royal Pain Quest (The Lakeland Knight, #2) by Laura Lond

My Royal Pain Quest (The Lakeland Knight #2)

Author: Laura Lond

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Synopsis: How far would a villain go to help a friend? Lord Arkus of Blackriver Castle thinks doing three heroic deeds is a bit too far. Not only it’s plain detestable, it can ruin his reputation and get him in trouble with the Villains League. On the other hand, it’s not like he’s got friends to spare. And losing the League’s membership isn’t the end of the world, one can always work independently.

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Review: I first met Lord Arkus in My Sparkling Misfortune, the first novella in the Lakeland Knight Series. I had a lot of fun getting to know the humorous villain turned hero against his will and was glad to have the chance to jump into another adventure with him. My Royal Pain Quest turned out to be just as enjoyable and wonderfully funny.

My Royal Pain Quest starts off right where My Sparkling Misfortune left off. Lord Arkus is determined to find a way to save Jarvi, to wake him from the never ending sleep he been cursed under. He sets off on a quest to commit three good deeds: the Deed of Pure Hand, the Deed of a Cool Mind, and the Deed of Noble Heart. Lord Arkus isn’t too happy considering he also trying to return to being known as a treacherous villain. Along the way, Lord Arkus meets some interesting characters, learns how to become invisible and fly, and discovers something he never thought he would really experience: romance.

Lord Arkus is still the sarcastic-wannabe-villain-turned-hero-against-his-will and I had so much fun being able to see how he evolved to let people in and trust. He still does so begrudging and reluctantly since he still isn’t comfortable being seen as a villain. He also still has this charm about him that makes a reader want to know what he will do next.

Cassandra has a tough-take-no-nonsense attitude from the moment she comes into the story and wicked knife skills to back it up. I instantly loved her character from the beginning! She wasn’t dictated by her fear and jumped into a fight when the need called for it, which happened most of the time throughout the novel. She was also vulnerable at times and caring. I also liked that she was never afraid to challenge Lord Arkus or speak her mind around him.

I also really enjoyed the Swirgs. They were so cute and adorable. I really liked the concept of the magical berries that help you to fly or become invisible.

The action was present throughout pretty much most of the book and so was the humor. The pacing and dialogue were also well done, except for a few places where the dialogue dragged down the fluidity of the scenes.

The only real problem with My Royal Pain Quest, as in other short novellas written by Laura Lond, is the amount of action packed into the story. Everything is dealt with so fast and squeezed in together that the story isn’t as fully developed nor the backstories, as much as I would have preferred.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVED the way the novella ended!! I laughed so hard and was so excited! I cannot wait for the third installment in the Lakeland Knight Series.

Author Bio: Laura Lond is an internationally published author of several novels and a collection of short stories. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in history. Having worked for 2 years at a literary museum, Laura entered the world of business, working for large international corporations like Xerox Ltd. and Fluor Daniel. After moving from Europe to the United States, she has been self-employed as a freelancer.

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