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Book Review: Savage (Daughters of the Jaguar, #1) by Willow Rose

Savage (Daughters of The Jaguar #1)

Author: Willow Rose

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Synopsis: The year is 1983. Christian is twenty-two years old when he leaves his home in  Denmark to spend a year in Florida with a very wealthy family and go to med-school. A joyful night out with friends is shattered by an encounter with a savage predator that changes his life forever. Soon he faces challenges he had never expected. A supernatural gift he has no idea how to embrace. A haunting family in the house next door. A spirit-filled girl who seems to carry all the answers. An ancient secret hidden in the swamps of Florida. One life never the same. One love that becomes an obsession. Two destinies that will be forever entangled. Savage is a Paranormal Romance with some language, violence, and sexual situations recommended for ages sixteen and up.

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Review: I will admit. This book gave me some issues. It took me 3.5 days to read this; not because it was a long read, but because I was dreadfully bored. The story starts out with Christian moving to sunny Florida from his home in Denmark. He is a shallow, self proclaimed playboy who surprisingly, has enough smarts to get into medical school. One night, while out with friends, Christian, decides that it would be a good idea to go swimming in a swamp. Of course something terrible happens and he is saved from one beast by another. Christian must now figure out how to cope with his new life and his unbreakable fascination with the creature who saved his life. Enter the oh so beautiful Aiyana. Christian falls for Aiyana on sight. She's gorgeous and mysterious. He just can't help himself. Especially when she offers help with his new gifts. They soon begin a fast paced relationship (dramatic eye roll) Christian is warned to stay away from the strange people who live off drug money but he can't. He takes everything he's worked hard for and pretty much tosses it to the wind just to be with this girl. (Spoiler) which in the end, was a mistake because she ends up leaving him; but, not without the cryptic message that one day their paths will cross again.  

I found many things wrong with this story and many of them could easily be fixed with a good edit and a re-write. Another thing was the sex scenes. I should have asked in the first place what kind of content this book held but I got swept up by the synopsis and forgot to ask. Completely my fault. Which is why I still finished the book and which is why I'm still gonna talk about said sex scenes. Christian is a terrible person! (More Spoilers) He sleeps with someone other than Aiyana because he's sad and upset. (ugh, boys). When Christian realizes that he loves Aiyana, he becomes a somewhat more tolerable person. He was caring and readers get a chance to really see him as the poor little boy who lost his mommy too soon. Which gave me hope for him. But then that sex scene happened and then the ending and ugh. I wanted him to fight for the woman he loves but then I remembered that there are two more books so we will just have to see what happens won't we??

Now, let's talk about the things that had me LOL'ing: The eighties flash back. I've never been so happy to be born in the late eighties in my life! Walkmans, headbands, ripped sweatshirts, old school Dallas! I just couldn't keep the laughing and jokes to myself. No wonder my mother considers the eighties as the dark period.

If you like more character based drama over action packed suspense, then this book is for you! But, if you don't . . . well, sorry. I wouldn't say this book was completely unfortunate, but it definitely wasn't my cup of tea.

Author Bio: Willow Rose writes YA Paranormal Romance and fantasy. Originally from Denmark she now lives on Florida’s Space Coast with her husband and two daughters. She is a huge fan of Anne Rice and Isabel Allende. When she is not writing or reading she enjoys watching the dolphins play in the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Other books by the author: - One, Two ... He is coming for you - The eye of the Crystal ball - Beyond - Afterlife #1 - Serenity - Afterlife #2 - Endurance - Afterlife #3 Currently Willow Rose is working on the sequal in the series "Daughters of the Jaguar". It is expected to be published fall 2012. Visit Willow's Blog and on Facebook.

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