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Book Review: Under the Cover of Wicca (Watchtower Series, #2) by Darke Conteur

Under the Cover of Wicca (Watchtower Series #2)

Auhor: Darke Conteur

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Synopsis: Victims of ritual sacrifices are showing up in one graveyard, and sixteen-year-old sensitive Janet Weiss is the only witness the police have.

With Janet’s safety in question, Jezryall enlists the help of Rowan, a Wiccan Priestess and old friend. When followers of dark magic kidnap Janet in a brazen daylight attack, Jezryall and her team make a stand against the continuing threat.

The balance between good and evil is being methodically destroyed, and Janet’s unintentional witnessing of the latest ritual may not be by accident. Jezryall and her staff must rescue the teen and stop the culprits before the balance of power is tilted more in favour of evil.

Failure is not an option, or Janet’s soul won’t be the only one condemned to Hell.

Favorite Quote: You are either very brave, or very stupid,’ Aslin said. Ember moved closer to his side. ‘Probably a little of both.”

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Review: Under the Cover of Wicca continues right where Watchtower had left off. Martin is still attempting to get used to his job working for a half demon-half human boss named Jezryall, a Druid named Aslin or referred to as the Scot, who can do element fused magic, a woman who can see ahead in time and back through touch named Barbara and then there’s Daniel, who can see and speak to the dead—yeah, totally normal job. In the second installment, the team sets out to take down a Wiccan coven using black magic to open the portals of hell by using the souls of innocent victims. As Martin tries to adjust to the rules set by Jezryall, he is also assigned with having to protect Janet, a teenage girl who was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Soon enough the team is thrown into a battle that will have them facing their weaknesses and tragedy as they fight to eliminate an evil that is determined to send the world to Hell, literally.

I really enjoyed the second installment to the WatchTower Series. Martin was a bit of a wimp in the first one but his character improved in Under the Cover of Wicca. He still whines a bit but that’s due to the fact that a world of magic and supernaturals are mixing into his human life so it’s understandable. Martin is more direct and has a stronger attitude. I still would like to see him in more action related scenes taking the reins but his character was better portrayed in the second installment.

Aslin, the Scot, of course, is always fun to read. I just love the mystery behind him and the wisdom he holds. He also has a caring heart underneath his studious exterior. Barbara wasn’t as strong of a character as the first novella and she seemed to take a backseat more in the second installment. I was a bit disappointed in that because I wanted to see more of her kick butt attitude. She did have more vulnerability which I understood and appreciated. Daniel was as sweet as always and cute. I’m still waiting for Daniel to have his moment in the sun since he plays a background character more than anything. I do like his gifts though. I love how respectful and delicate he handles the dead spirits. One of the best aspects of the book was how the story showcased more Jezryall’s character. I liked being able to see the story from her perspective and to see the battle within herself with her half-demon part. She is fiercely strong and powerful but she’s also so vulnerable and human.

There are only a few things that bothered me within the second installment. Janet was quite the annoying character. She came off too much as whiny and an airhead. I appreciated the fact that she wasn’t in the story that much or the read would have been ruined. As much as I like the fact that Aslin is developing a romance with another character introduced in the second installment, it seemed a little too out of leftfield. It sprang out too quickly and made the scene feel like it was just thrown in instead of flowing with the rest of the novella. If the romance continues I would like to see it better developed. The novella is short which would have frustrated me if not for the fact that the author will continue to explore the characters and plot in future books which I look forward to reading.

Under the Cover of Wicca was a great and fast-paced read. I was happy to be able to get to know the characters I have come to befriend a lot better. I am especially looking forward to seeing what the BIG mystery is behind Jezryall’s secretive comments to Martin’s role in the upcoming battles!

Definitely a must read!

About the Author: Darke Conteur is a Stay at Home Mom with a passion for writing and a Wiccan. She creates works of fiction ranging from the paranormal genre to the science fiction genre. When she isn’t working on her latest inspired piece by her Muse, she can be found taking care of her Husband and her son (Sithboy). She also has two cats, one kitten and a ghost dog who like to demand her attention as much as possible. She first jumped into the world of e-publishing back in 2011 with The Watchtower, the first novella in her Watchtower Series.

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