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Guest Post: From Playboy to Hero by Terri-Lynne Smiles

From Playboy to Hero

Author Terri-Lynne Smiles gives an inside look into the male lead role from her debut novel, Foreseen, Greg. How Greg went from playing the rich, good looking player to the dashing hero.

I will admit that Greg Langston is my favorite character as well. Of course, he grew more in Foreseen than any of the other characters which makes him the most interesting.  The others will get their chances later in the Rothston Series.

Although Greg is dashing, confident, and strong, he is the classical antihero. That is, despite “having it all,” he is morally flawed, living life for his own momentary pleasure.  Our society promotes acting for individual and immediate pleasure, whether that is the pursuit of status or physical gratification. And Greg, having looks and money but no moral guidance in his life, falls for it.  We’ve all known guys like Greg.

But what makes Greg endearing – and different from many of those guys we know – is that he recognizes the emptiness of that self-centered life. He begins making the right choices rather than the socially expected ones, but obstacles crop up on that road before he fully understands that is what he is doing.  As a result, he falters, and very quickly sees that there are consequences to taking the wrong path – and not just for himself.

I see Greg as a very hopeful character for the readers.  He represents the ability to decide how you are going to live your life.  That is, whatever you have done in the past and whatever challenges you face – even the obstacle of being rich and good-looking – you still choose who you are going to be today. And that defines a person more than anything else about them.

And besides… a guy with looks, brains, and money who is ALSO a decent guy?  I’m sold!

About the Author: At various times in her life, author Terri-Lynne Smiles has played the piano, .tambourine, guitar, violin, soprano recorder, autoharp, ocarina, and banjo before taking a good, hard look at herself and realizing she had no musical talent. And so began a lifelong search.

She graduated from Denison University with a degree in Philosophy and Economics, married the love of her life and attended law school at the University of Michigan. While the law often fulfilled the analytical part of her brain, the creative side was dissatisfied. She turned to baking as an outlet, because it could be squeezed into her burgeoning schedule. Volcano cakes, three dimensional Death Stars, and cupcakes topped with handmade candy butterflies soon found their way into Terri’s kitchen. But instead of satisfying her, all it did was make her fat.

She looked back over her life and saw the passion for fiction writing had always been there. And thus began Terri’s career as a writer.

What I’m working on now: I am never good at working on one project at a time. Aside from appearing for book groups and interviews on my novel Foreseen, I just finished the final edit of the techno-thriller, The Silla Project, for author John C. Brewer. I am also world-building for a futuristic novel Sarandipity and, working out some changes to Choices – the second book in the Rothston series.

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