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Guest Post: Writing Not For the Faint of Heart by Leslie Ann Wright

Writing a Novel: Not for the Faint of Heart

Written by Author Leslie Ann Wright

Writing a novel has been a journey. I have been in love with the written word my entire life. I read and review books on my blog, but I have written numerous stories of my own as well. Last year I took a challenge through Nanowritemo to complete a book in thirty days, and it was an exciting experience. While I have always written, I have always stopped just short of completion. Nano gave me the courage to face my fears, which were, could I write a good ending, and would the story be interesting to anyone else. Through this process, I have found that I can write an interesting story that others like, and it is not very hard to complete when you get in the right zone. Fear is what seems to be the biggest factor.

Once the book is complete, the real work begins. The editing is difficult and tedious, and as a writer, you love everything you write for the most part. However, you also come to understand that your opinion is not the one that matters. I am finding out just how important an outside editor is, I am too close to my work and do not necessarily see the flaws. While I have spent almost 8 months editing, I need a set of outside eyes, to help me polish my story. I believe that reviewers are so very important in the honesty they exhibit. If you are lucky, the reviewer will actually review the work and not the writer, because that does become a bit hurtful, although I have to think somewhat necessary. A tough skin is also important, because of all the work and feelings you pour into your work it is very personal to you. Even if the review is on the book itself it still feels personal, this is your baby.

The other work involved in writing is finding a great cover. Being a new author, I did a great deal of research, and found many varying prices but could not seem to decide on which direction to go. For many self-published authors, price is an issue. Editors cost, covers cost and books sent out to reviewers cost, unless they are eBooks. So you either make your own with the help of one of the great self-publishing sites, such as creatspace or try to find someone that will make a cover that will flow with the best of your writing. I believe a cover can make or break the work you have put into it. Of course, that is just my opinion. As a reviewer, I read a book regardless of its cover, but as a book buyer, the cover is what catches my eye first.

Once you have published the work does not diminish, clearly you now have to put on a sales and merchandising hat. The whole process is not for the faint of heart, and you should not expect to become famous. Like many of us, we have a story to tell and just want to be able to share it. If we make a little money for the work, that is the icing. Writing is a pleasure and a pain; it brings you recognition and at times, what feels like punishment. It feeds your soul and fills a need. If you can entertain others with your stories, it gives you both courage and pride. Writing often makes the impossible possible, with just a few scribbles of the pen. 
If writing is what drives you, don't ever give up. It is a very subjective form of work and you will always have differing opinions.

About the Author: Leslie Ann Wright is an avid reader and blogger. She blogs reviews for her blog Tic Toc as well as Blog Critics and The Romance Reviews. 

Her debut novel was released on Kindle. Splintered: Sierra's Legacy is a crossover Fantasy full of magic and surprise. 

Leslie lives in the Northwest with her husband Terry and is currently at work on her second novel.

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