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Interview: Kaitlyn Davis (Midnight Fire Series)

Kaitlyn Davis opens up about being a shy nerd, what was the first book she fell in love with inside the paranormal romance genre, why she loves vampires, and which author she would team up with to write a paranormal romance novel if she got the chance.

Annabell: Here, at TeamNerd, we are proud of being nerds and always glad to add to our ranks *wink* What are some nerd like qualities you possess? Do like to collect quirky or fun or strange things?

Kaitlyn Davis: Hm… other than writing paranormal fiction and living in a fantasy world 95% of the time? Haha, just kidding! I do have two slightly strange collections. First, quotes! I absolutely love quotes and I've had one word doc since I was maybe fourteen that is now easily 50 pages long filled with quotes I love. The other, probably more bizarre, is miniature spoons! Every time I go someplace new, I buy one of those souvenir spoons. I love those things!

Annabell: What were you like in high school? Were you the awkward, shy nerd or the cool, clam, collective type with nerd like tendencies? Popular jock or cheerleader, etc?

Kaitlyn Davis: Definitely awkward and shy! I was super quiet and completely preferred reading to hanging out with friends. I like to think I've grown up to become a cool, calm and collected nerd -- way more outgoing and confident, but still a geek at heart! 

Annabell: As a fellow huge fan of the paranormal romance genre, do you remember one of the first books you ever fell in love with within the genre? What are some of your other favorite books in the genre that you would recommend to readers?

Kaitlyn Davis: Meg Cabot's Mediator series was one of the first paranormal romances I read and completely loved! Now I would recommend anything by Richelle Mead, Cassandra Clare and Scott Westerfield. Another old series I still remember is Marianne Curley's Guardians of Time - very unique with lots of action and a historical twist! Oh, also the Sweep series by Cate Tiernan -- my first introduction to witches. Quick and easy, but jam-packed with plot curveballs!

Annabell: Kira is the main heroine of the Midnight Fire Series. She begins her journey in Ignite where she comes to discover some intense secrets about herself. What was something you discovered about yourself when you were a teenager that surprised you about yourself?

Kaitlyn Davis: Nothing quite as earth shattering as my heroine, but I did discover that I had a lot more inner-strength than I thought I did. During my Junior year of high school, something happened that made me feel very ostracized, like an outcast, but I surprised myself by pushing through and funneling any sadness/anger into working towards my dreams.

Annabell: Kira starts off in the Midnight Fire Series as gullible and naïve. She gradually grows into her own strength. What qualities do you share with Kira? What qualities of hers do you wish you had and why do you think readers will relate to her?

Kaitlyn Davis: I probably share her stubbornness and inability to quit! I hate losing. I wish I had her confidence. She takes everything in stride and really believes in herself. And I think readers will appreciate that. She's not wishy-washy -- once Kira makes a decision, she goes for it stubbornly and with everything she has. 

Annabell: Tristan is that mysterious, gorgeous guy all girls have fallen for at least once in their lives. Who was the hawt bad boy you crushed on when you were a teenager? What made you swoon over him?

Kaitlyn Davis: Oo, you have some really tough questions! I'm not sure if I can reveal my inspiration for Tristan, but I kind of like that. I don't want Tristan to be one or a few guys from my past; I want every reader to connect with him in their own personal way.

Annabell: Why did you decide to venture into the world of vampires for your debut novel, Ignite?

Kaitlyn Davis: Because I love them! Ever since Buffy (ahem… and Angel…), I've loved vampires. I didn't sit down and think, I'm going to write a vampire novel. But when I got the idea for the series, I just knew I had to write it even if vampires are a tired subject for some people.

Annabell: Kira learns of some really cool powers. She discovers she’s a Conduit—a person who can channel the power of the sun. That was a really unique idea. How did you come up with it? If you could channel one of the elements: fire, water or air, which would you choose and why?

Kaitlyn Davis: I was actually walking on the beach one day, basking in the sun, when I started to think about how cool it would be to create a paranormal being that was somehow connected to the sun. Voilà -- conduits!

If I could channel one element, it would probably be water though. I really love the ocean! Ariel was always my favorite Disney princess.

Annabell: Ignite ends with a BIG cliffhanger! What juicy stuff can readers expect in Simmer?

Kaitlyn Davis: Well, I don't want to reveal too much, but it starts with an epic chase scene that leaves Kira on the run! She discovers a few side effects from what happened between her and Luke at the end of Ignite, and Diana definitely makes an appearance!

Annabell: If you had a chance to write a paranormal romance novel with any author (alive that is), who would you choose and why?

Kaitlyn Davis: Oh man, what a great question! There are too many amazing authors to choose from! I've been really into books with ancient mythology recently and would love to work with Lynne Ewing. She has a really fantastic style that is fast-paced, but still deep. And her Goddess of the Moon series is told from multiple perspectives, which is something I really want to try!
Annabell: Thank you to Kaitlyn Davis for the super fun interview and for the great recommendations of books! Always excited to discover a new book and a new author so definitely will be catching out some of the ones she mentioned.
About the Author: Kaitlyn Davis graduated Phi Beta Kappa from Johns Hopkins University with a B.A. in Writing Seminars. She's been writing ever since she picked up her first crayon and is overjoyed to finally share her work with the world. She currently lives in New York City and dreams of having a cockapoo puppy of her own.
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