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Book Review: Dooryway (Short Story) by Les Zigomanis

Doorway (Short Story)

Author: Les Zigomanis

Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble.

Synopsis: Amy has never really known family. Not like her husband, Brad, with his tribe of brothers, sisters, and cousins. Amy’s only ever had her Aunt Zara – ever since Amy was twelve and her parents died. It was Aunt Zara who took her in, raised her, and provided for all her needs and desires. Aunt Zara has been her world.

When Aunt Zara passes unexpectedly during Amy and Brad’s fifth wedding anniversary, Amy is at a loss. How will she be able to go on? Will she be able to go on without Aunt Zara’s nurturing and guidance, even if Aunt Zara has provided for them with an inheritance?

That night, Amy awakes to find a doorway glowing with a faint nimbus standing at the foot of her bed and the possibility that perhaps Aunt Zara hasn’t left her after all.

Brought to you by TeamNerd Reviewer Annabell Cadiz

Warning: There will be either ranting, sarcasm, and/or spoilers (possibly all three).

Review: There is a reason why I don’t usually read short stories and this story proved why.

I’ll give you a quick summary of the plot because, frankly, there wasn’t much of one anyway. Amy is throwing an anniversary party with her husband, Brad, at their home. She goes in search of her Aunt Zara, who she finds dead in their bedroom. The funeral goes by in flash and suddenly Aunt Zara has returned and is haunting Amy and Brad’s bedroom. For some reason her soul is stuck to the chair. I would tell you the ending but I didn’t bother finishing.
There is no depth to any aspect of this story. Amy is both inept and bland. Brad is a jerk half the time or one dimensional the other half of the time. Aunt Zara has a little zing to her character on occasion, but even her personality reads stale. The pacing of the story was either really fast or really slow. The dialogue read very dictated. It was just VERY boring. I didn’t care about the characters AT ALL or the story. There was no real connection with the reader and no real build up.

The one scene that made me finally call it quits was the sex scene that literally came from nowhere! Brad finds Amy talking to Zara and decides to act like she’s lost her mind and needs a therapist. Next thing, he’s taking her out to dinner and they’re about to have sex in their bedroom but oops, Aunt Zara’s spirit is there, so instead THEY GO TO HER OLD BEDROOM!! Because why would THAT be any less disrespectful or CREEPY?! Ugh. Like that wasn’t enough of a “What the hecks is this?!” moment, RIGHT THE NEXT DAY Amy wants to move out of the bedroom where Aunt Zara’s spirit is attached to because she doesn’t want to get caught having sex in front of her aunt every night. Brad throws a hissy fit because he doesn’t want to move out of the big bedroom because it’s the best one in the house and tells Amy she needs to get over her aunt dying. (JERKFACE OF THE YEAR! Why the hell would you wanna be married to this douche of a character??)

After that, I gave up on the story. I don’t usually like not finishing a book/short story/novella, but I lost whatever small percentage of patience I had left after Brad’s little tantrum.

That is all.

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