Monday, March 4, 2013

Favorites Monday: Top 10 Favorite Book Covers!

The cover of a book is one of the most important pieces of a great story. It houses everything from kick-butt heroines, to the swoon worthy hotties, all the way to the most wicked evil villains ever written. So, us ladies here at TeamNerd, have compiled a list of our top ten favorite book covers in honor of all the great covers out there.

Can you say OBSESSED? Because that’s what we are when it comes to Rachel Vincent's Soul Screamers Series covers. We love them all actually, but, Before I Wake is our favorite because we just love this shade of pink of the dress on the model *hehe*

WOW right?! Bridget was going to add Undeadly to this list until she stumbled across Unchosen. We become completely blown away by how BEAUTIFUL this cover is. We just couldn't stop staring at it!

Bridget remembers the first time she saw the cover for Darkest Mercy, she was strolling through a Barnes and was literally stopped in her tracks. She may have even drooled a little and she wanted to buy all the copies Barnes had left just because she couldn’t get enough of all the sparkly gorgeousness of it.
Can we get an AMEN!? Altered is just one of those stories that you can't put down and then there's that cover that just  . . .  makes you lose all track . . . of thought . . . what were we talking about again?

This is another perfect example of a cover done right. Falling Kingdoms is one of those books where the story starts at the cover art. Beautiful, captivating, flawless, are only just a few of the words that come to mind when describing this cover and if you think this one is totes gorge, than we suggest looking up Rebel Spring *fans self*

So Silver Bright is the final book in the Theatre Illuminata Trilogy and is such a lovely cover! The attention to detail and how realistic the main character, Beatrice, looks is amazing!

The cover to Nightshade is ABSOLUTELY beautiful and alluring! It calls to you and makes you want to know the secrets held within the story.

One word: GORGEOUS! Annabell became obsessed with the cover for Witch Song after she discovered it via Twitter feed a while back. It's so memorizing and haunting. It's like the girl's eyes can see into your soul. The cover to the sequel, Witch Born, is also just as incredible haunting.

The cover to Dance of Shadows instantly drew us in. It's mysterious and painful and breathtaking all at the same time. We love how the rose petals were created to form a ballerina dress!

We love the scientific element mixed in with the human skin. Such a unique and creepy cover (in a good way!). Mila 2.0 instantly sparked our interest and gives off this dark type of feel to what the story could hold.

Tell us what are some of your favorite book covers!

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  1. Nightshade is gorgeous! I hate how they changed the covers :( They're so plain compared to the first one


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