Monday, April 29, 2013

Favorites Monday: Chris August (Musical Artist)

About Chris August: Chris August has struck a balance in a beautiful tension. The soulful singer-songwriter who cites influences from Stevie Wonder to Boyz II Men accepts the call to speak the truth and pour every ounce of his being into his music, without taking himself too seriously. This equilibrium is evident on the award-winning artist’s new record, The Upside of Down.

When he was just 22, August cut his teeth in the mainstream industry working with names like Ryan Cabrera, Brian McKnight, Robin Thicke and Babyface and signing with Geffen Records while being managed by Jessica and Ashlee Simpson’s father, Joe Simpson. He toured with and opened for Ashlee, and it was on one of those tours that he finally decided to leave Los Angeles. He’d been living there for three years and felt it was time to head back to Texas and his Christian music roots by leading worship at his church.

Just months later, in January of 2009, August was sitting in his room writing “Starry Night,” an anthem to the God who had rekindled something now burning within him. “It was really late at night, and was during the time when I had been getting back involved in church in Dallas,” he remembers. “I wrote the whole song that night and recorded it, produced it and put it on an independent record.”

When an A&R rep at Word Records heard that recording, August ended up with a deal and made the move to Nashville. He co-produced No Far Away with celebrated producer Ed Cash (Dave Barnes, Steven Curtis Chapman), exploring the depths of his love for writing and producing. Now, the self-taught pianist and keyboardist is coming back to his rootsier side with The Upside of Down, letting some of his more soulful, R&B influences take the spotlight.

Where to Find Chris: Website/Twitter/Instagram/YouTube/Myspace/Facebook

Favorite Songs



Center of It All

It's Always Been You

Starry Night


Fun Interviews & Vids

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The Story Behind the Album "Upside of Down"

The Redeemed Tour

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