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Fierce Books Tour with Authors Emmy Laybourne, Leigh Bardugo, Anna Banks, Gennifer Albin and Jessica Brody!

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Last night (June 12, 2013) Fierce Books Tour made a stop at Books and Books in Coral Gabels which brought authors Emmy Laybourne, Anna Banks, Leigh Bardugo, Gennifer Albin and Jessica Brody to town =) I attended the event with my pals Zagi and Gypsy (Kristy). We had a BLAST meeting all the authors, chatting with them and cupcakes *hehe*

I had first connected with all the authors on Twitter and Fab Red Allie from Books and Books  where we were discussing the upcoming event and through some teasing Anna Banks joked she would no longer be coming. Fab Red Allie told her she had to come because there would be wine and baked goods. I jokingly said I've been known to make really yummy cupcakes and with that it was decided that if I was going to brag about my cupcake making skills then I would need to showcase my talent in person. I baked a TON of vanilla confetti cupcakes and chocolate hershey cupcakes yesterday and a special batch of gluten-free, sugar-free cupcakes for author Emmy Laybourne. I was a little nervous to hand them out at the event since there was a good size of people there but once Zagi and Kristy pushed me forward, I overcame my shyness and the authors LOVED the cupcakes *giggle*

I was even more surprised by Emmy Laybourne's response. She loved the cupcakes so much and the effort I put into them that she offered to buy me the first two books in her Monument 14 series!! I was so shocked I needed her to repeat what she said because I TOTALLY didn't expect that!! She was SO kind to us and SO welcoming and such a SWEET person. 

Anna Banks was a little more introverted and shy at first but as the crowd started to dissipate a bit and she got more comfortable she was more open. I LOVED Leigh Bargudo's mass of blonde hair! Gennifer Albin was such an awkward nerd and she was so cute! Jessica Brody was so adorable and so funny! 

Each of the authors were really funny in their own right and they were pleasant and fun right from the beginning. You could tell how grateful they were for everyone who showed up to support them.

My niece Ailany was a BIG hit with all the authors! She met every one of them, was held by every one of them and Jessica and Gennifer decided she would now be known as the mascot for the Fierce Books Tour. They decided all they needed was a car seat for the tour van and they'd bring her back once the tour was done. Ailany was more than happy to tag along, especially if it meant Emmy would keep feeding her cupcakes ;)

Meeting all the lovely ladies was a wonderful experience and definitely can't wait for the chance to hang out with them again! 

SPECIAL SHOUTOUT to author Emmy Laybourne for her generosity and kindness! *BIG FAT HUG*

Now check out the fun!

Author Emmy Laybourne hanging out with my niece Ailany

Emmy eating the gluten-free, sugar-free cupcakes I gave her! She hadn't had sweets in over a year and half so I was so happy she enjoyed them so much =D

Me, Ailany and Emmy holding the cupcakes

Author Leigh Bardugo happily holding one of the vanilla confetti cupcakes and hershey chocolate cupcakes I  made. At first she didn't want to take two because she was trying to be a good girl but both me and Zagi insisted she indulge. She jokingly said that had been the problem, all through tour she kept indulging in things too much lol

Me, Ailany and Leigh

Leigh having fun with Ailany who was touching her hair lol

Ailany, me, Author Anna Banks and my bud Kristy

Authors Jessica Brody (right) and Gennifer Albin (left) excited about the cupcakes!

Me and Ailany with Gennifer and Jessica. When Jessica was holding Ailany, Ailany kept playing with her really pretty heart locket and she enjoyed playing with Gennifer's boobs LOL Thankfully Gennifer was really entertained by it ;)

Emmy with me and Ailany. Ailany REALLY loved spending time with Emmy! It was so cute! Every time Emmy came around Ailany was more than happy to go with her. At one point she didn't want to let go of Emmy. Emmy was grateful to play and hold her since she was missing her own kids. It was so sweet!

Emmy and me kissing Ailany. She smiled after the picture was taken lol

Emmy and me playing with Ailany and chatting about kids

Group shot with all the authors at the end of the night

My signed books and free swag!

Signed copy of Monument 14 from Emmy Laybourne

Signed copy of Monument 14: Fire in the Sky from Emmy Laybourne

Signed copy of Shadow and Bone by Leigh Bardugo

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