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I HEART YA: Author Interview: Jessica Brody (Unremembered Trilogy)

The beautiful Jessica Brody, bestselling author of the Unremembered Trilogy, stops by to chat with us about what makes her such a nerd, what name she would use if she was the sixth member of the Spice Girls and all things Unremembered!

TeamNerd Reviews: Hello Jessica! Welcome to Planet Nerdian! We are always more than happy to let our nerd flag fly high and always look forward to discovering what makes a fellow nerd a nerd ;) So Jess, what qualifies you as a fellow nerdian? *hehe*

Jessica Brody: Hello! Happy to be welcomed among your people. Hehe. Well, I pretty much nerd girl over everything. I can’t just like something. I have to OBSESS over it. Like, ahem, Nashville, The Hunger Games, How I Met Your Mother…to name a few. But I think what qualifies me the most for the title of “nerd” is my affinity for gadgets and electronics. I’m a total techie. Ask any of my author friends, most of them will tell you I’m the most techie author they know! I have an app for EVERYTHING!

TeamNerd Reviews: So I read that you secretly wanted to be the sixth member of the Spice Girls ;) What would have been your stage name and what would your outfit for performing look like? What would be the name of a single you would want to put out with them?

Jessica Brody: LOL! Well, to follow the last question, I guess I’d be “Nerdy Spice.” Or “Bookie Spice” and I’d dress like a sexy librarian and I’d always have a book in my hand. As for the single, how about, “Fictional Boyfriend.” And the lyrics would be like, “Don’t you mess with my Fictional Boyfriend. Peeta isn’t on lend. The baker’s son is mine, so don’t waste your time. Sha-na-na-na-na!”

TeamNerd Reviews: How did you end up working for MGM Studios and what was it like? Did ever meet any famous peeps?

Jessica Brody: Well, I worked in the DVD department so there weren’t too many famous people that walked through our halls. We were like the ugly stepchild to the glamorous “theatrical department.” Mostly I worked with producers and not the actors themselves. I got the job there by answering an ad in Yahoo Careers! I couldn’t believe it. I never thought ANYONE ever got a job from those sites. But I saw the job listing for a financial analyst, thought it looked cool and decided to give it a shot. A week later they called me in for an interview!

TeamNerd Reviews: Unremembered is the first book you’ve written in the science fiction genre. What drew you to the sci-fi genre? What did you end up learning about yourself as a writer by switching genres?

Jessica Brody: I guess I just got tired of playing by the rules of the real world. I wanted to create my own weapons and technology. It was fun being able to mold the world the way I wanted. This is also my first time writing a series and I learned a lot about how to plot out multiple books before even start writing one. It’s quite a challenge!

TeamNerd Reviews: Memories act as the main center to the plot in Unremembered. What do you think it is about our own memories that define us so strongly? If, like Sera, you lost all of your memories of the person you once were, what or who do you think would help bring you back?

Jessica Brody: GREAT question! Memories define us, I think, because they teach us lessons. We learn how to avoid pain and do things that we know we enjoy. They can define us in beneficial ways and in limiting ways. If I lost all my memories, I’d like to think that my dogs would bring me back. I know that’s a corny thing to say, but they are my world. I would hope I could at least remember THEM! But losing your memories might be kinda fun. Then I could rewatch all my favorite TV series and reread all my favorite books!

TeamNerd Reviews: Love is also a big part to the plot of Unremembered. Zen would pretty much do anything to protect Sera and to be with her. What’s the craziest or funniest or most embarrassing thing, you’ve ever done for someone you love?

Jessica Brody: You are on a roll with these awesome questions! I’ve been asked that before! I tend to fall in love pretty all-consumingly. It’s in my family blood. We all do that. It can be dangerous at times! In high school I had this boyfriend. We were SO in love. We thought we were going to get married (we didn’t.) But we were apart one summer because he was in Israel and I was a summer camp counselor. We couldn’t talk on the phone and I remember mail being difficult for some reason. So we both decided to write journals for the other. We promised to write in the journal every day and then when we saw each other again, we traded the journals. It’s pretty sappy but I remember how excited I was to read his. J

TeamNerd Reviews: In Unremembered, Sera has violet eyes but that’s a piece of her character that’s never explained in the book. Will readers get to discover why exactly her eyes are that color in Unforgotten or in the yet-to-be-titled final book of the trilogy? Care to give us a hint *wink wink*

Jessica Brody: Sera has violet eyes because purple is my favorite color. Haha. Just kidding (sort of). I mean, yes, I chose purple because I love the color. But in the book, I think it’s explained that the scientists made her eyes purple because they wanted to make her unnaturally beautiful and purple is an eye color not seen in nature (at least not in the vibrant hue that she has.) But is that not in book 1? Maybe it’s in book 2. Oops. Well, I remember writing it at one point!

TeamNerd Reviews: If you have any job in the world (outside of being a writer and producer), what job would you choose and why?

Jessica Brody: I would be a professional poker player! Seriously! I love to play poker. I think it would be fun to play professionally. And it requires a LOT of sitting, which I’ve already had tons of practice doing as a writer. J

TeamNerd Reviews: Fun questions time!

Jessica Brody:

Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream: There’s this flavor that’s only available at west coast Rite-Aid’s called Chocolate Malted Crunch. It’s the bomb!

Go to Snack When Watching a Movie At Home: Toblerone chocolate bars!

Favorite British Actor: Oh Gosh! So many hot, ahem, I mean, talented ones to choose from. Let’s go with Colin Firth

Least Favorite Word: Ah! I hate the word Panties! BLECH!

Three Must Have If Left on a Deserted Island: My iPad, My Laptop, and a REALLY big portable battery.

Jessica Brody: Thanks for the awesome interview! I’m excited to be part of I Heart YA!

TeamNerd Reviews: Awe BIG THANK YOU to you, Jessica! It was a pleasure having you =D

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