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I HEART YA: Author Interview: Karen Amanda Hooper (Kindrily Series)

Author Karen Amanda Hooper stops by to chat about her Kindrily Series, her favorite mermaid movies, what era she'd like to be reborn in if she could be reincarnated like the main character from the Kindrily Series, and gives an inside scoop into who she is with some rather amusing facts ;)

TeamNerd Reviews: Tell us ten random facts about you (different than your bio).

Karen Hooper: Ten. Eek. That’s a lot. Let’s see...
1.) I loathe coconut. 2.) My house has a porch swing that I rarely get to use because the mosquitos are so bad, therefore, I loathe mosquitos. 3.) I’ve had more jobs than I can count--when I was younger I was great at figuring out what I DIDN’T want to do. 4.) I watch reruns of the old TV show WINGS almost every night as I go to sleep and I never get tired of it. 5.) I never watch the news because I dislike all the negativity. 6.) I, like many, wish I was BFFs with Jennifer Lawrence because she’s just that cool (and I thought that before her Katniss days). 7.) My mom is my #1 best friend of all time, but I have some other great ones too, and JLaw couldn’t replace any of them but she’d fit in fabulously.  8.) I’ve been skydiving twice and would go all the time if it wasn’t so expensive. 9.) I’ve pumped a dog’s heart with my hand during his surgery--can you guess I was once a vet tech? 10.) Hands down, I have the best readers/fans in the world.

TeamNerd Reviews: You are a BIG fan of all things mermaid related (as am are we! *hehe*)! Which are your top favorite mermaid movies and books?

Karen Hooper:  SPLASH was one of my fav childhood movies and still is.

As far as mermaid books, I haven’t read any but my own. BUT WAIT! It’s not because I don’t love other mermaid book authors--I adore Anna Banks and Amber Garr to pieces and want to read their books so bad. I promised myself I wouldn’t read any other mer stories until my series was done because I didn’t want to accidentally steal any ideas.
However, you didn’t mention the mermaid toy category so I’d like to say Sea Wees for the win! What mermaid doesn’t want a pet penguin or seal?

TeamNerd Reviews: Why did you decide to write in the Young Adult genre?

Karen Hooper: Because I love to read YA. And I wanted to write stories that I’d want to read.

TeamNerd Reviews: Where did the concept for the Kindrily Series come from?

Karen Hooper: A magical alternate universe where they actually exist? I’m sticking with that because “my imagination” doesn’t sound nearly as interesting. Also, the idea for the story was triggered when I heard the song, Someone To Watch Over Me by Ella Fitzgerald.

TeamNerd Reviews: If you could be reincarnated like Maryah from the Kindrily Series, what era would you want to be reborn into and why?

Karen Hooper: Ohhh, the possibilities! I think I’d want to live in the 50’s so I could wear poodle skirts and “get pinned” by a dreamy guy who drove a ’57 Chevy. And no, getting pinned is not a sexual term, so get your mind out of the gutter!

TeamNerd Reviews: Why do you think people are so drawn to the idea of soul mates (Kindrily Series)? Did you always believe in the power of soul mates?

Karen Hooper: Because it’s a reassuring, hopeful, beautiful concept. I don’t think any of us truly want to be alone, so what a comforting and wonderful thought that soul mates exist for everyone. As far as what I believe, trying to answer that would take up way too much time and I don’t want to bore your blog readers.

TeamNerd Reviews: Tangled Tides seems to have been inspired by the Greek myths (Sirens, Poseidon, Gorgons). What made you use Greek myths as a backdrop to the book and which is your favorite (or well, which one are you most fascinated by) Greek myth?

Karen Hooper: As a child I watched Clash of the Titans a lot and I always felt sorry for Medusa, that she had to live as a hideous monster, and when she was killed. I wanted to tell a different story where she had some sort of a happily ever after.

TeamNerd Reviews: What is your writing routine like? Do you like to snack while you write? Do you listen to music? Or do you prefer silence or being outside?

Karen Hooper: I require coffee, I usually have a York Peppermint Patty or two, it’s always quiet, and my dogs are devotedly curled up with me. I have a big comfy writing chair and my 90lb American bulldog likes to squeeze in beside me while my lab/border collie mix lays at my feet.

TeamNerd Reviews: Which character in the Kindrily Series do you relate to the most? What about from the Sea Monsters Memoirs?

Karen Hooper: Ooh, tough question. I sort of think of Maryah and Yara as my daughters. (Since I don’t have any real ones, I create fictional ones.) So I guess some parts of my personality are sprinkled throughout both of them, but I created them to be much more exciting and special than I am. A mother always wants her kids to have a better life than she did. ;)

TeamNerd Reviews: If Nathan from the Kindrily Series faced off in a battle with Treygan from the Sea of Monsters Memoirs, who would win?

Karen Hooper: Ack! Do they have to face off? Couldn’t they team up and battle evil together? They’re both so great. I can’t choose. And you can’t make me. Ever. ;) 

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