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I HEART YA: Book Spotlight: The Prophesized Series by Kaitlyn Hoyt

BlackMoon Beginnings (Prophesized Series, #1)

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Synopsis: Large gorgeous men, a hidden race, and a magical secret.

Ryanne Arden was on track to being Stormfield High School’s Valedictorian. Being the shy, quiet studious type, she’s always done her own thing. That all changed when a drunk man decided to get behind the wheel of a car. With the death of her mother, Ryanne is suddenly more alone than she’s ever been. With no friends or family to turn to, a local woman named Jane offers to help Ryanne in her time of need.

With graduation looming ahead of her, eighteen year old Ryanne must get her act together if she wants to get out of the small town of Stormfield, Maine and away from her painful memories.

Meeting the attractive Colton Wagner, changes everything. He awakes something in Ryanne that even she didn’t know she had. Magic. With her life suddenly thrown upside down, Ryanne is thrust into a world completely unbeknown to her.

Being the only non-mage to ever gain magic, paints a target on Ryanne’s back. She’s the girl the whole mage world has been searching for. It has been prophesized for thousands of years that a young non-mage female would put an end to the chaos created by rogue mages, the Gadramicks. Their manipulative leader, Dravin, will do anything within his power to prevent the prophecy from being fulfilled.

Finding out that she's an intricate part to ending a supernatural war, Ryanne has the weight of all mages on her shoulders. With the help of Colton and his family, along with a healer, a dream-walker, and a loud-mouthed mage, Ryanne sets out on the journey of a lifetime. Can she overcome her insecurities and do what is needed of her or will she lose her identity behind the magic inside of her?

BlackMoon Beginnings is part one in the four-part Prophesized Series.

Sneak Peek

Grabbing the car keys off the counter, I rush out the front door and am surrounded by the musty smell of the rain. The downpour has relented to a soft drizzle, while various shades of grays accumulate in the sky, swirling around one another like a van Gogh painting. The gloomy clouds that had gathered and drenched the earth are starting to drift away into nothingness. The trees begin to sway as the wind picks up, rustling their leaves together creating a whisper of noise throughout the town.

Thankful to be out of the strange weather, I turn the car keys in the ignition. The car comes to life, a steady thrum reverberating throughout the vehicle. Being a small town, the only bookstore is the local BlackMoon Bookstore on Amber Avenue. It will only take a few minutes to drive over there. Since it is a small town though, I have to park out of the way and walk to the store.

Pulling into a parking lot at the back of Second Chances, the local thrift store, I get out of the car and begin walking toward the bookstore located across the street. I stop at the crosswalk to push the walk button…only there isn’t a walk button. Since the weekend has begun, Stormfield is pretty quiet. Most people would have gone into Brookville, the larger town located a few miles away for their weekend festivities. Without bothering to look before crossing, I take a step off of the curb and into the road.

After a couple of steps, I am blinded by a bright light and a loud noise echoes down the street to my right: a car horn. Everything freezes around me. The wind picks up and blows my hair across my face, momentarily blocking my vision. I know that I am going to be hit. My heart is beating a mile a minute as if trying to escape my chest. I’m sure that if anyone was near they could hear its loud beat. My airways constrict, making it difficult to breathe. I try to move my feet, but they seem to be glued to the ground, forbidding any movement. Fear overwhelms me as I see the car getting closer.

During times like this, most people would say that their life flashed before their eyes. I don’t know what kind of situation those people went through, because the only coherent thought running through my mind is crap, I’m going to be hit by a car.

Suddenly, the sky darkens, lightning cracks overhead, thunder booms directly above, and the intensity of the wind increases. The car is less than a foot away from me. Since moving is impossible, I close my eyes and wait for the pain—wait for my inevitable death.

It never comes.

The car horns blares, nearly blowing out my eardrums, and at the last possible second, a large gust of wind blows through the street, picking me up and depositing me on the other side of the road. I put my arms out to try and stop the momentum, but only manage to scratch my exposed skin.

My body collides with the curb, successfully stopping the rolling. Turning onto my back, I try to catch my breath because the wind was knocked out of me during the fall. I can’t suppress the painful groan from escaping my lips as feeling returns to my body. Black spots start to dot my vision. Moaning, I attempt to roll over and sit up, but am overcome with dizziness. I hear the sound of a bell, a door open, and then footsteps running toward me. The car speeds past me while the driver yells all sorts of obscenities out the window.

“Oh my goodness dear, are you hurt? I saw what happened but couldn’t make it to you soon enough.” I look toward the sound of the voice, but can’t concentrate on who is speaking to me. The world is spinning all around me, creating duplicates of everything. I feel the woman reach for my hand. Wrapping my arm around her neck, her other arm wraps around my waist and she pulls me up. Leaning almost all of my weight on her, she walks me toward her store: the BlackMoon Bookstore.

Scorching Secrets (Prophesized Series, #2)

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Synopsis: A magical prophecy, a dangerous journey, and scorching secrets.

Surviving one battle was hard enough for Ryanne, but that was just the beginning. There are so many unknowns ahead of her and the path she is on is riddled with obstacles that she has to overcome if she wants to come out alive.

With her magic growing stronger with each passing day, Ryanne is forced to watch visions play out--visions she doesn't want to see. When she sees the death of someone close to her, she is forced to change the future. Dravin Kione, the leader of the Gadramicks, is determined to make sure that that doesn't happen.

He's at the height of his reign and is going to throw everything at Ryanne to make sure that she doesn't ruin that. She has information that he needs to move forward and he's going to gather it at any cost. With the help of his new recruits, Dravin is getting closer to finding her location. He can't let the prophecy come true and Ryanne is the only person standing in his way.

As Ryanne grows closer to her new family, they get more serious about keeping her out of Dravin's hands. Battling her guilt, personal feelings towards a green-eyed mage, and the expectations of the mage world, Ryanne is struggling to stay afloat in the sea of confusion that surrounds her new life. With the help of Colton and his family, along with a healer, a dream-walker, and a loud mouthed mage, Ryanne sets out on the journey of a lifetime.

Scorching Secrets is the second installment in the four-part Prophesized Series.

Sneak Peek

As my feet hit the ground in front of Jane’s, I am overcome with a feeling of dizziness and would have collapsed had Larkin not had a hold of me. “It’s a little disorienting the first couple of times,” he explains.

I don’t care how many times it takes to get used to the feeling. There’s something I have to do. I turn around and look around the yard for the man. When I see him step out of the trees, I take off toward him. Surprise is going to be my method of attack. Who would expect a 5’3” girl to come running toward them during the middle of the night?

My body collides with his and knocks us both to the ground. I push magic out and straddle him to keep him there. He is momentarily stunned before he starts to struggle out of my grip. I know I won’t be able to keep him down for long.

“Ryanne, are you crazy?” Larkin reprimands me as he catches up to us. The man beneath me pushes against my magic and knocks me to the side. He turns around and punches Larkin in the jaw before returning his attention back to me. Larkin falls to the ground, unmoving.

You can’t count on a guy for anything.

I jump up and run toward him again. A few inches in front of him, I bring my foot up and kick him. I accidentally dropped the sword after the transport, so I need to figure out a way to injure this man enough to stop fighting.

When my foot connects with his chest, he stumbles backwards but doesn’t fall. He runs toward me again and I duck to avoid his outstretched arm. He moves quickly though and brings his other arm out and punches me in the side. I double over and gasp when a sharp pain shoots through my abdomen. I jump back before he is able to get another punch in. Larkin starts moving on the ground. I bring more magic into my limbs and attempt to kick the man. Again, he merely stumbles.

I back up when I see him grab the dagger from his belt. Larkin lifts his head and looks toward me and then to the dagger. He blinks once, and then without saying where he is going, he disappears. Did he really just leave me here? The man lunges for me, dagger pointed out. Attempting to avoid its sharpened blade, I jump to the side. The dagger just grazes my arm. I hiss when I feel the blood start dripping down my skin. He swings his other arm out and hits the same spot on my side, knocking me to the ground.

Larkin blinks back in front of me, sword raised. He stabs the man in the back. Cutting through all muscle and bone, the sword stops its forward movement and sticks out of his chest. Blood splatters onto me, and the man sputters and collapses. Larkin yanks the sword out and blinks away with the man’s body. To where, I’m not sure.

A second later, I feel hands wrap around me, and I am transported back to the house.

Since BLACKMOON BEGINNINGS is FREE on Amazon, author Kaitlyn Hoyt was generous enough to agree to giveaway TWO E-COPIES of the second book in the series, SCORCHING SECRETS for I HEART YA under the E-copies Pile Giveaway!

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