Tuesday, July 30, 2013

I HEART YA: Guest Post: Always Time for Love by Kary Rader

Author Kary Rader opens up about her husband's battle with cancer and how they learned to find hope and peace through it all.

Annabell and Bridget, thank you for having me on TeamNerd today! I’m honored and excited to share in the I HEART YA Event. Because I do love YA.

My recent release, A Taylor-Made Life, starts out as YA and morphs into New Adult by the end of the story. The reader takes a journey of love, loss, and discovery with the heroine, Taylor Smith. In the end, she learns a valuable lesson, one we could all benefit from—No one is promised tomorrow. Live today.

Five years ago while I was pregnant with my youngest child, my husband was diagnosed with Stage IV melanoma cancer. Thank God, he’s now cancer free, but last year when a friend's daughter was diagnosed with cancer, all those emotions I had came flooding back. A Taylor-Made Life is the result of those emotions.

I wanted to write a story that showed how cancer took not only life but time—time with family, time having fun or even working. From the moment cancer comes into your life, all you do, all you focus on, is fighting it—scheduling doctor appointments and treatments, worrying about living, about finances, about those you love. Cancer takes something from everyone in the family, not just the one diagnosed. I wanted the reader to feel the loss from both sides of the bed, because, in my opinion, watching someone you love suffer is much harder than suffering yourself. But more than the suffering, I also wanted to show that there is hope and joy and peace even in a hopeless situation, that we can still find love no matter how far we are from it or how little time we have left. There’s always room for love.

A Taylor-Made Life is a special story looking for a home in the hearts of readers. I pray you give the characters an opportunity to touch you.

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  1. I strongly recommend everyone to read A Taylor Made Life, but have an economy size of tissues before you start.


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