Friday, July 19, 2013

I HEART YA: Guest Post: The Power of Memories by Author Karen Amanda Hooper

Author Karen Amanda Hooper discusses the power behind our memories and how the idea inspired the concept to her Kindrily Series.

We all have memories, good and bad. Some are stronger than others, some are difficult to recall, some we don’t even know we have until they are triggered and come rushing back to us. Memories are a fickle thing. And they are also, at times, incredibly powerful.

In my Kindrily series, a kindred family of souls with supernatural powers have been perpetually reincarnating for many lifetimes. They retain their memories from each life, but before entering this lifetime, one of their members did the unthinkable: she chose to erase centuries memories--along with all knowledge of her soul mate.

The main focus of book 1, Grasping at Eternity, is reuniting Maryah (the one who erased her memories) with Nathaniel (her heart-shattered soul mate). Will she ever remember him again? Is remembering people and events from her past lives even possible now that she erased? Maybe.

Hope surfaces when Maryah has moments of deja vu. She feels like she’s been to a certain place before, even though she hasn’t. When an event feels strangely familiar to her, Nathan explains that it’s her soul trying to recall the memory from a past life, which, hopefully, makes the reader wonder if that is an accurate explanation for their own experiences with deja vu.

Most of us have experienced deja vu at some point. Could it really be our soul’s way of clinging to memories from another life that we don’t fully remember? Could that sensation of already knowing someone you just met mean you knew them in a previous life? I don’t know. I don’t claim to know--for certain--anything about reincarnation, nor do I pretend to understand the never-ending mysteries of the human existence. I just like imagining “what if...?”

Some readers, thankfully, love my possible theory because it means a power exists much greater than us, a power that connects us to people and maybe even places far beyond this short lifetime we’re currently experiencing.

I’m not stating reincarnation is definitely how the world works, but it does give you some interesting questions to ponder: What happens to a soul after death? Does it return? If so, wouldn’t it be possible that it could retain some memory of its past experiences--if those memories were strong enough?

The reincarnation theory gives a new meaning to long-term memory. And it gives you something to think about next time you experience a moment of deja vu, or meet someone you feel an unexplained connection with. Take good mental notes next time you’re living an amazing moment.  Try to note the smells, the scenery, the meaningful conversation, the unforgettable look in someone’s eyes, or any other details that may evoke that memory again in the future. Because the future might be further away than you think, and that memory might be more powerful than you can imagine.

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