Monday, July 1, 2013

Join in on the 2nd Annual Digital First Read-a-thon (#DFRAT)!

Starting July 1st, Book Binge will be hosting their second Digital First Read-a-Thon with Tracy’s Place,The Book Reading Gals and RR@H Novel Thoughts. And TeamNerd Reviews will not only be participating but there will be an exclusive excerpt from Annabell's book, Lucifer (Sons of Old Trilogy, #1) being posted on July 8th over at Tracy's Place AND a giveaway of her book! So we're excited to share about the Read-a-thon with y'all!

For the entire month of July, they challenge each and every reader out there to read as many digital first e-books as you can. There isn’t a set number of books you have to read. There isn’t a set list of authors that you must read. For that part of the challenge, you set the rules. The only rule we have is that the books read for this challenge have to have been published as an e-book FIRST.
That doesn't include e-books that are being re-released right now that were originally released in print format or part of print anthologies back in the day.  All books that were released to the public as e-books first.
You can track your reads at Goodreads by creating a DFRAT shelf. If you aren’t a member, a list has already been created where you can share your reads! Just click here and enter your reads. 
If you’re participating, add your information here for a chance to win a $25 gift card to either Amazon or B&N.
They also invite you to share what you’re reading every Friday. They do a post and they want to hear what you’re reading too. Check that out here.
Please remember, they are hosting this month a long read-a-thon to bring attention to the awesome books that you might be missing because you keep passing them up for those print books. There are tons of fabulous authors publishing digital books and you might be missing out. Stick around and find some new to you authors, you just might find a new favorite.
There will be heaps of authors stopping by all four blogs involved with the Digital First Read-a-Thon so really, come play with us! There will be giveaways, excerpts and a whole bunch of other goodies so it should be a good time *wink wink* Load up those e-readers everybody, we’re going to have loads of fun come July 1st. Remember, the more you comment on all posts for DFRAT, the better your chances are of winning something!
Happy reading!
~Annabell & Bridget & Holly & Rowena

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