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I HEART YA: Author Interview: Lori Pescatore (Blend Trilogy)

Author Lori Pescatore drops by to chat about her summer, what the most exciting part about being a published author, why she chose to become a writer after being a pre-school teacher for so long and all things Blend Trilogy related!

TeamNerd Reviews: Hiyaz Lori! How's your summer going?

Lori Pescatore: Hello! My summer is going fantastic! The weather has been great. We just returned from a trip to Boston where we saw my eldest son and we went whale watching and paid a visit to Salem. Totally fun time! I also managed to squeeze in writing time on my next novel.

TeamNerd Reviews: What was the most exciting part about becoming a published author?

Lori Pescatore: I think the most exciting thing about being a published author is knowing that other lovers of books are reading something I wrote and (Hopefully) are enjoying it. Seeing a print version of a book with your name on it is pretty cool too.

TeamNerd Reviews: In the Blend Trilogy, what came first, the characters or the concept?

Lori Pescatore: Characters, absolutely the characters. In the first novel, Human Blend, I met the main character, Julie, who I knew was on the run from something but didn’t know what until she began to tell me her story.

TeamNerd Reviews: What made you want to become a writer after so many years of being a preschool teacher?

Lori Pescatore: Back in my high school days I use to write what is now known as fan fiction for my friends, this is way before the internet. (Yes, showing my age) I always wrote poetry as well. I’ve always had a far-out kind of imagination and writing was an outlet for me. Even as a preschool teacher, I created childrens books that I would share with the class. With the advent of self-publishing, I was able to expose my love of writing to a wider audience.

TeamNerd Reviews: If you could chose, what Earthling power would you rather have?

Lori Pescatore: Earthling abilities are more limited than Blend abilities. Earthlings can control everything organic or ‘from the earth’  or nature itself whereas Blends can heal, see numbers, control peoples emotions. I think I would love to be able to heal others like my lead character was able to do. 

TeamNerd Reviews: Team Eli or Team Austin?

Lori Pescatore: Unfair question! I loved writing them both and in truth was routing for them both. Austin is sweet, honest and caring. Eli is tall, dreamy, and really has the best interest of my main character at heart. Eli struggled the whole series with his feelings while  Austin always knew how he felt  from the beginning. I’m gonna stick with Team Julie and leave the deciding up to her.

TeamNerd Reviews: Poor Julie goes through A LOT during this trilogy, if you could give her any one piece of advice, what would it be?

Lori Pescatore: My advice to Julie would be, stay true to your heart. Keep outside influences to a minimum but also don’t be afraid to let others help when they are fully aware of the consequences. Sometimes, you just have to take a leap of faith.

TeamNerd Reviews: I read that you have a new stand alone coming out later this year called Spirit Key. Can you tell your wonderful fans a little about it and a possible release date?

Lori Pescatore: I’m very excited about this new novel. New characters and new adventures are always an exciting write and read. I am going to share with you the synopsis about Spirit Key that is going live this weekend. The book itself should be out by late November 2013.

Samantha has been crossing spirits for as long as she can remember. Some have been calm, while others have wreaked havoc upon her life.

Moving to a suburb in Northeast Philadelphia, Samantha meets Kaden, who instantly knew she's a crosser—a spirit key. Kaden can see spirits, but his sights are tuned for other entities—demons. He warns Samantha about the dangers of the hellish creatures. Unbeknownst to them, a deal has been made that will effect them both.

Will Kaden's knowledge of the demon world be enough to save them from a fate that seems destined to befall them?

TeamNerd Reviews: What is your go to snack while writing? I need to have chocolate covered raisins (like, a lot of them).

Lori Pescatore: I recently made some lifestyle changes. I am diabetic and have cut out most sugar and carbs from my diet. So at the moment my go to snack would be rice cakes. Boring, huh? I also munch on celery too.

TeamNerd Reviews: Name five random facts about yourself.

Lori Pescatore: Five random facts about me are:

I drive a black Ford Mustang.

I have multiple sclerosis.

I was married at 19 and will be celebrating my 30th wedding anniversary this month.
When I plan a trip, I must be the one in charge of scheduling and need to do an itinerary to function.

I am an old-school writer and hand write  my novels before typing them on the computer.

That’s it! Thank you so much for giving me an opportunity to be a part of this awesome event! You guys rock!

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