Friday, August 2, 2013

I HEART YA: Guest Post: Lisa Arrington (Quake)

Lisa Arrington stopped by TeamNerd to write her VERY FIRST guest post and tell us how she came up with the concept for QUAKE, her debut novel.

 Hi everyone!  I am thrilled to be here on TeamNerd Reviews during the I HEART YA event.  This is my first guest post, so I hope I do okay!

 My name is Lisa Arrington and I just published my first novel, Quake, this month.  It's been a whirlwind process once I typed those final words a couple of months ago to get this point, but it's been fun.  Harrowing, lol, but fun.

 Annabell asked me to describe how I came up with the concept and world of're not going to believe this (or maybe you will) but Quake came about due to a crazy dream I had this past October about aliens and strange creatures invading a high school basketball game and me and my friends (in our high school forms) running for our lives.

 It was so crazy and so detailed, I just had to write it down.   Then one page turned into two...two turned into five...and the next thing I knew I was asking friends their opinions and getting the encouragement to continue making something out of it.

 The backdrop is my hometown of Tucson, AZ and the characters are very loosely based on myself and people I admire in real life.

 I am now in the process of writing Quake #2 (AfterShock), in the sequel readers will learn more about Ali and Caden's background, why the Aliens chose Earth to invade and maybe, just maybe, they will be defeated.

 Did I leave you with enough questions?  Good!  Go check out Quake!

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