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I HEART YA: Guest Post: My Love of Myths by Candace Knoebel

Author Candace Knoebel opens up where the mythology behind the Born of Flames Trilogy came from.

Today I wanted to talk a little about the mythology that inspired the trilogy Born in Flames.
I’ve always had a fascination with dragons, so it was a no-brainer when I decided to write about a girl who had the ability to shift into a hybrid dragon. At the time when I started the trilogy, there was nothing else out there like it-at least not to my knowledge. I didn’t do a whole bunch of research because I wanted it all to come from my imagination. I wanted it to be original. I took what I knew about dragons-at least what the stereotypical myth was-hoarding, angry, dangerous jewel-hungry beasts, and played off that when dreaming up her character and character flaws.
Aurora has anger issues.

That’s putting it mildly.

A lot of readers mistake this for immaturity, but really, it’s in her nature. She is part dragon, therefore very territorial and very high strung in the emotions department. She feels everything on a heightened level, but doesn’t realize this until book two,Embracing the Flames. She is fiercely protective over the ones she loves and she is also very quick-tempered. The slightest thing sets her off. This is something she must overcome from book one to book three. She has to grow into becoming the Progeny.

Also, most myths we know about dragons are that they hold power from the elements and dwell in caves. The Draconta, the pack of dragons in my trilogy, live inside of a cave that is on the outside of a volcano. Each dragon has an elemental power and they are very protective of the treasure they were created to protect-the Stone of Immortality. That is their only focus in life and they are extremely loyal to it. But where they differ from the normal mythology is that they are a relatively peaceful bunch. They don’t want to partake in the war Zordon is rallying.

That is only a smidgen behind the myth of dragons.

Another bit of mythology used came in the form of Sirens in Embracing the Flames. Only they aren’t you’re typical water-dwelling singing Sirens. They live in an oasis with Amazonian features. They are a group of woman who devour any who dwells in their territory using booby-traps and strength. The Siren part of them is the lulling song that paralyzes you. Once paralyzed, they devour you. I had fun mixing them up with a couple different myths to create an all-knew terrible creature.

There are also Nymphs-woodland fairy folk and Cyclops’-giants with one eye, which stick to the same principles of their make-up. So, I guess I’ve always loved mythology. That’s the good thing about writing fantasy, you can twist and bend anything. Even age-old myths. You will find them all across these novels. Some, sticking to the familiar myth you already know, and others taking on a new form.

That being said, I leave you with a question: What is your favorite mythological creature?

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