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Swoon Worthy Wednesday + Giveaway: Jaxon Pierce (The Periodic Series)

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We are SUPER excited to introduce Mr. Jaxon Pierce! *cue fangirling screaming* He's tall, has beautiful caramel-toned skin, brown and blonde dreadlocks, the most memorizing blue-grey eyes and muscled built body you can't help but gawk at *giggles hysterically*

The oh-so gorgeous Jaxon stopped by TeamNerd Reviews to have a chat with one of his BIGGEST fans, Annabell, and opened about all things Jaxon! But before we get to the interview, take an inside look into STEEL LILY, the first book in the PERIODIC SERIES by Megan Curd, featuring Jaxon.


When I woke up, I noticed the buggy was stationary. I was slumped to the side of the carriage and Alice was curled up on the seat, her head in my lap. My neck ached from being at a strange angle for so long, and pulled myself into a more comfortable position.
“You slept hard,” said a drawling voice, “though I’ve heard near death experiences can do that to a person. Personally, I avoid those like the plague.”

I turned toward the voice, and the muscles in my neck protested. I massaged them with one hand as I drank in the figure before me.

Jaxon was much closer to my age than I imagined. Artfully destroyed jean revealed cuts and callouses on his knees, and the hem of red plaid boxers he wore underneath peeked through the holes. The sleeves of his cream thermal Henley were rolled up and revealed muscular arms. The shirt was unbuttoned enough for me to see the top of his chiseled chest.

Where the sun beamed down on him, his caramel skin was almost luminous. He looked tense, and I could see his Adam’s apple bob up and down as he swallowed.

I’d never seen someone like him in Dome Four. His jawbone was strong, his cheekbones set high. His nose was regal and straight and when my gaze reached his eyes, my breath caught.

Stromy blue-grey eyes that reminded me of shale returned my gaze with genuine curiosity, if not a bit of humor. Strips of colored fabric were woven into his dreadlocked hair, giving it a wildly unique look that suited him. The smug look on his face made me realize he was enjoying this. “Are you finished checking me out? If not, that’s okay; I allow every new woman I meet a free five-minute gawking period. After that, it’ll cost you.”

Blood rushed to my face. I tore my eyes from his magnetic gaze and watched as he took a worn leather strap off his wrist. He pulled back his dreadlocks, deep brown streaked with blonde, into the strap. His devilish grin pulled his eyes tight at the corners. He was trouble incarnate.

Trouble that I may very well want to get into, given the right circumstances.

“You’re at five minutes and thirty seconds now,” he said in a purr as he moved toward me. He leaned in, and I felt his breath against my cheek. My heart raced. “I’m going to start taking payment and I choose how that payment is issued.”

Before I could respond, Alice stirred groggily beside me. She rubbed her eyes as she sat up. “Where are we?”

“Good question,” piped Jaxon. “One that your friend here failed to ask, but it could have been because I rendered her speechless with my good looks.”

Alice moved to get a better look at him, but Jaxon emphatically put his hands in front of his face, as though he were a vampire trying to block the sun. “Don’t look at me!” he cried, then grinned as he winked at me. “I don’t want to make two ladies swoon in such a short period of time. How would I entertain myself tonight?”

“You’re not that handsome,” I argued mulishly.

“That’s drool on your chin. Either you’re physically unable to keep your mouth shut, or I caused you to forget how. Since when I found you, you were drool free, I’m going with the assumption that it was me.” He fished in his pocket and offered me a while silk piece of cloth. “Here, a handkerchief for your trouble. You can keep it if you’d like. We have more at the academy.”

You can also check out Annabell's 5/5 star review for Steel Lily: "I am GIDDY with EXCITEMENT for this book! There aren’t a lot of dystopian novels I have really enjoyed and I haven’t read too many steampunk books that have gained my interest, but Steel Lily won me over! I ASBOUTELY LOOOOVE this book! ONE OF THE BEST BOOKS I’VE READ IN 2013!"

Without further ado, here's Jaxon himself!

TeamNerd Reviews: What would you say makes you so swoon worthy to the ladies? What draws them to you (minus your gorgeous looks)?

Jaxon Pierce: Well, I have to preface this by saying I’m taken now, of course, but…I’d like to think my wit and charm sealed the deal with Avery. I mean, let’s face it. I’m a silver-tongued devil…in more ways than one. *smiles*

TeamNerd Reviews: How do you feel about having your life story on display for the world to read? Does it bother you that Megan Curd wrote a book depicting what happened to you, Avery, Alice, Sari and Legs?

Jaxon Pierce: I never would have imagined our story would come out like it has. I’m not one to tell my business to everyone. Only the people you mentioned really know me…but I guess now it’s out there for everyone to see. I’m not mad about it, I guess, but it’s just kind of weird to know everyone knows my business, too. Does that make sense? I’m gonna have to go discuss this with Megan a little more, now that you mention it…

TeamNerd Reviews: What would you say people misunderstand about you the most that drives you crazy?

Jaxon Pierce: Well now people feel bad for me more than they used to because they know everything that has gone on, which makes me crazy. I’m not a victim. I won’t allow myself to be. I just want to be like anyone else…because I really am.

TeamNerd Reviews: If the earth wasn’t so devastated by war and you could take Avery out on a normal date without the worries of revolution or you know, near death experiences, and the earth was back to its beautiful old self, where would you go and what would you guys do?

Jaxon Pierce: I would love to take her snowboarding. Snow looks like it would be amazing, and I love anything extreme, so it would be a win-win. We could go snowboarding, then go warm up inside…and make fun of people falling down the hill. What, you didn’t think I’d say snuggle up by a roaring fire, did you? Well, maybe the fire would be okay. But we’d still point and laugh as people rolled down the hill in a pile of snow.

TeamNerd Reviews: What’s one of your most embarrassing moments you’re willing to admit publicly (keep it PG, Pierce!)?

Jaxon Pierce: Am I capable of an embarrassing moment? I was under the impression that I was quite an impressive specimen. I didn’t know those could have embarrassing moments. *winks*

TeamNerd Reviews: What’s something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t had the opportunity to yet?

Jaxon Pierce: Take Avery out on a non-life-threatening date. Or, do you mean my whole life? I could get all deep and thoughtful and say know who my dad really is/was, but I’m not like that. I’ve always wanted to learn to yodel. Maybe someday I’ll find that yodeling master to teach me.

TeamNerd Reviews: What was your very first impression the first time you meet Avery (after you got out of Dome 4 in the buggy)?

Jaxon Pierce: You mean after she’d cleaned up and looked like a normal human being? I thought she was pretty. No, really. I thought she was. I also thought she was one of the hardest people to crack I’d ever met. I’m pretty good at reading people. It’s kind of what I do…but she’s a difficult person to peg. That also made it even more fun to try to figure her out. I like a challenge!

TeamNerd Reviews: If you could have your own personal theme song, which artist or band would you want to write it and what would the song be called?

Jaxon Pierce: It’s already been written…LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It.” *winks* Did you really expect anything less from me? :)

TeamNerd Reviews: Would you ever cut off your dreads or change your hairstyle? If you ever wanted to, what would you change it to?

Jaxon Pierce: I wouldn’t be opposed to trying a new hairstyle, I guess, but I’ve had my dreads for six years and it takes a long time for dreads to actually lock up and not look like you rolled around in a honeycomb. I guess what I’m saying is I’d have to get a pretty strong urge to cut them off. I like my dreads, and it seems like Avery does too, so you don’t fix what ain’t broken!

TeamNerd Reviews: Let’s wrap this up with some fun questions to tease your fans with *wink*.

If you could have any superhero power which one would you want?

Jaxon Pierce: X-ray vision. I’ll let you figure out why…or maybe I don’t need that one. Maybe we’ll go with superhuman strength instead. :)

TeamNerd Reviews: Boxers, briefs or commando? 

Jaxon Pierce: *grins wickedly* What would you prefer?

TeamNerd Reviews: Favorite cuss word.

Jaxon Pierce: I like to get creative, you know, mix ‘em up and create new varieties. Although, I met a Brit one time and they used the phrase “twat waffle.” I have to say, that guy got bonus creativity points. Rudeness combined with food. That’s an ace right there.

TeamNerd Reviews: Favorite sound. 

Jaxon Pierce: I’m supposed to keep this PG! You told me that! How are you supposed to say that and then give such saucy questions? You’re a vixen!

TeamNerd Reviews: Any tattoos? If yes, where is it and what is it of? If not, would you ever get one and what of? 

Jaxon Pierce: No tattoos, but Avery’s mom had one which was amazing. I wouldn’t mind getting one sooner or later. We’ll have to see. :)

*dreamy sigh* See why we can't just help but swoon over Jaxon! He's not only incredibly easy on the eyes but he's wickedly funny too!

Be sure to check out Steel Lily (Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Kobo) if you haven't yet and stalk Megan Curd on her website, twitter or facebook! She's a really sweet and equally funny person (after all she did write Jax) and she's always happy to welcome new stalkers *wink*

*Psst, we're also doing a giveaway!*

Win an e-copy of STEEL LILY and a really pretty bookmark along with it!

**Must be 13 or older to enter*
**Giveaway runs until SEPTEMBER 6, 2013**
**THREE winners will be chosen and will have 48 HRS to respond before a new winner is chosen**

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