Monday, September 23, 2013

Sleepy Hollow Monday: New Favorite Show!

*Eeeeep!* Here at TeamNerd Reviews, we are EXTREMELY excited for the new show SLEEPY HOLLOW which premiered on FOX last Monday! The first episode was soooooo good!! From the story line to the actors to the humor to the crazy Headless Horseman cutting off heads left and right around town, SLEEPY HOLLOW definitely delivers! If you haven't watched the pilot episode  be sure to check the show out online where you can catch up. Sleepy Hollow is on Monday nights at 9pm eastern/8pm central.

About the Show

Sleepy Hollow beings with Ichabod Crane being resurrected and pulled two and a half centuries through time to unravel a mystery that dates all the way back to the founding fathers. Revived alongside Ichabod is the infamous Headless Horseman who is on a murderous rampage in present-day Sleepy Hollow. Ichabod quickly realizes that stopping the Headless Horseman is just the beginning, as the resurrected rider is but the first of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse and only one of the many formidable foes that Ichabod must face to protect not only Sleepy Hollow, but the world. Ichabod teams up with Lt. Abbie Mills, a young cop who has a her own supernatural experiences and the two embark on a mission to stop the evil that has awoken along with Ichabod.


Ichabod Crane is played by the SMEXY Tom Mison! He's British, ridiculously handsome, incredibly funny and plays the part of Crane wonderfully. Need we say more ladies! *wink wink*

Abbie Mills is played by the LOVELY Nicole Behaire! She's feisty, funny and charge-into-action-don't-ask-for-permission-apologize-later type of girl! Definitely a great female character to be seen played on TV! Nicole does a great job at portraying Abbie!

Our Thoughts

It's great the cast consist of main characters who are both white AND black and that the main lead of the female heroine is black instead of the usual white girl who's skinny and has blonde hair. The humor is sarcasm at it's best and the action is wicked, dangerous, and deadly fun! The Headless Horseman may not have a head but he carries one hell of an arsenal with a massive magic ax, a rifle attached to his back, and a machine gun. He was PERFECT as a bad guy and we don't even know who plays his character!

Can't wait for tonight's next episode!

Check out all things Sleepy Hollow on FOX and you can also stalk the show on Twitter and Facebook!

Favorite Quotes

 “What the hell is that?” ~Ichabod (freaking out about the cameras in the interrogation room)

“The rule of tyranny betrayed the weight of my conscience and I couldn’t allow myself to give my life for anything so yes, I became a spy under the command of General Washington.” ~Ichabod

“No, first I shot him then he rose back up. Beheading him seem like the next logical step.” ~Ichabod

“I have questions, several thousand questions, but I’ll spare you the indignity of strapping you to a damn chair!” ~Ichabod

“Mr. Crane, I’m Lieutenant Abbie Mills.’
‘A female Lieutenant. In who’s army?’ (Ichabod)
‘You’re not gonna break character are you?’ (Abbie)
‘You’ve been emancipated I take it?’ (Ichabod)
‘Excuse me?!’ (Abbie)
“From enslavement? (Ichabod)
‘Okay, I’ll play along. I am a black female lieutenant for the Westchester Police Department. You see this gun? I’m authorized to use it—on you.’ (Abbie)
‘If you’re insinuating I endorse slavery, I’m offended. (Ichabod)
‘Wait, back up, you’re offended!” (Abbie)

“Here, I thought I had woken up in the future and my wife had been dead for 250 years. I’m glad that everything I’m seeing and hearing and touching is impossible because that means it isn’t actually happening.” ~Ichabod (said sarcastically)

“Most of what you say is unintelligible gibberish to me. It’s like watching a chicken cluck.” ~Ichabod

“I told you to stay in the car.’ (Abbie)
‘Yes, and as you know, I’m sane therefore impervious to simple commands.” ~Ichabod

“You think he can hear us?” (One of the cops says about the headless horseman)

“I have a preserved head in a pickle jar.” ~Captain Frank Irving 

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