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Blog Tour: Book Spotlight + Sneak Peek + Top Ten + Giveaway: Chasing Flames by Emily Fogle

Chasing Flames

Author: Emily Fogle

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Synopsis: Aydah Bell was happy in her normalcy; she was never the class clown or the sports hero, never the beauty queen or little Ms. Honor Student. One day, after a pointless family mini-vacation, Aydah returns to school and finds that her sheltered little world has turned upside-down. Besides the fact that she is beginning to crave raw meat, people are also disappearing.

Suddenly, an alarming disappearance in the quiet and serene city she calls home puts the whole town into high-alert. One of Aydah’s schoolmates vanishes during the weekend and is conveniently replaced by a newcomer. To Aydah’s surprise, the new boy is the completely beautiful and oh-so mysterious Liam Bailey.

Aydah finds herself drawn to Liam. He consumes her thoughts and she aches to be with him. In the mix of passion, jealousy, and hatred that follows, Aydah is too distracted to see the horrible fate headed straight for her.


There was so much pain. My skin was on fire and sweat dripped from every pore of my body. There was nothing I could do to make it go away, nothing in the world that could stop it. My flesh was being ripped from my bones, and my insides were being torn out. I was dying … what else could it be? Nothing besides death would feel so terrible. My head pounded and my brain ached. Hot pokers seared into my eyes, and my ears throbbed with sharp, shooting pains.

For just a moment more, his fingers continued to touch my forehead. He was perfectly still.
His eyes were riveted to my face, like he was memorizing every line, every curve, with his fingertips and copying the image of my features into the palm of his hand. When he lowered his hand slowly, the tips of his fingers traced the bridge of my nose and followed down my jaw line. Frozen feathers, velvety and invigorating, awakening my body with their soft tickling chill. He cupped my chin in his hand and I could feel how powerful he was. He could bring down a mountain, reducing it to dust, but he was also gentle. There was safety in his stone caress and tenderness. The tips of his fingers rested beneath my chin and lifted my head slightly. As he brought his face to mine, my heart caught in my chest and my breath stopped completely. My head was a tornado of want and need. The temperature of my skin began to boil, but Liam’s skin sent a shiver down my spine. I was burning with fever, but shivering against the cold.


My obsessions change from time to time. These are the top ten things I’m currently obsessed with.
Dragons – this is a constant and has been since I was a kid. Why wouldn’t anyone be obsessed with such awesome creatures?
Spartacus – this show is amazing!! You have to love a show that gets so creative with different ways of killing people.
Noodle salad – yeah, I know, a little weird. But my friend makes this amazing Asian noodle salad that I totally crave all the time.
The song Wake me up by Avicii – this goes on repeat in my house. I love the beat and lyrics.
Pinterest – I am fully convinced that this is the devil’s work! It is totally time consuming, but so full of pretty things that it sucks away your time and a little bit of your soul!
The moon – again, one of those constant obsessions. I’m not sure why, but I’ve always been drawn to it. It’s absolutely gorgeous … maybe I’m part werewolf.
King Henry VIII – because he was a narcissistic, power-hungry, tyrant that sealed his legacy in history by chopping off people’s heads … need I say more?
Tiny little Christmas houses – I have so many that my husband had to band me from buying any more! They take up a good deal of the garage.
Proper placement of knick-knacks – I tend to be very OCD about having my stuff in just the right place. Now that I have kids, I’m not so bad, but my husband thinks it’s funny to test me and see if I notice when something has been moved.
Werewolves – because of my moon obsession, I have to stick with my fellow moon lovers and give them a shout out. 

About the Author

Emily Fogle was born and raised in Southern California. Her dream and ultimate goal was to get her Master’s degree in English and become a teacher with enough time to write, as well. However, she soon found out that the best dreams often come true when they aren’t planned. Instead of fulfilling her teaching goal, real life took over and she married the man of her dreams. She now has an amazing 7 year old son and another beautiful baby boy on the way.
She dedicates the majority of her time taking care of her family, volunteering at her son’s school, and being a Cub Scout Den leader. And though she loves every minute of it, the thought of being a writer still tugs at her heart. So, after the busy days are done and everyone is finally sleeping quietly, she squeezes in time for all the other loves in her life: the characters running wild inside her head.
Now, incredibly, her writing dream is also coming true. Her first novel, Dragon Wars, is being published by Anchor Group. Emily feels sincerely blessed to have been given so much in life and can’t wait to start the next chapter.
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