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Teaser + Giveaway: Third Strike (The Slayer Chronicles, #3) by Heather Brewer

Third Strike (The Slayer Chronicles, #3)

Author: Heather Brewer

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Synopsis: Heather Brewer, the New York Times bestselling author of THE CHRONICLES OF VLADIMIR TOD, brings this spin-off series to a thrilling conclusion.
All secrets will be revealed as Slayer Joss McMillan tracks a murderous vampire terrorizing his hometown of Santa Clara. During his investigation, Joss comes head to head with old enemies seeking revenge and faces the truth about his sister Cecile’s murder. Joss must use all of his skill to protect his loved ones, even if it means paying the ultimate price.


"Because Joss wasn't sure how he felt about Vlad, exactly." Pg. 12, line 17.
""Joss, don’t forget to take the trash out."" Pg. 30, lines 4 and 5.
"Every inch of him knew that what he'd just said to Paty was a lie." Pg. 42, lines 7 and 8.
""And you're looking for his body? Gross."" Pg. 61, line 26.
""So he got away. No wonder you're mad."" Pg. 81, line 3.
"Joss tore his gaze from Kat long enough to cast Henry an apologetic glance." Pg. 105, lines 7 and 7.
"Joss had no idea how he was supposed to request a clean up without a cell phone, but it was probably a good idea that he stop by Paty's house on the way home to report in." Pg. 113, lines 1-4.
"Joss has never been in the back of a police car before, and the moment he was, he hoped that he'd never be there again." Pg. 132, lines 24-26.
"It was difficult to see in the darkness of the woods, but Joss relaxed his eyes, and allowed them to adjust to the change of light as he surveyed his surroundings for any signs of Sirus." Pg. 146, lines 13-17.
""You're monstrous."" Pg. 149, line 8.
""Do you ever wonder if we're on the right side?"" Pg. 165, lines 4 and 5.
"Terror enveloped him the moment that he became acutely aware of the wooden stake in the holster on his hip, and he realized that he was going to have to use it." Pg. 182, lines 24-27
"He'd liked Vlad." Pg. 191, line 18.
"Paty jumped toward him, the bottom of her sneaker making contact with the side of Joss's head, knocking him to the ground." Pg. 194, lines 6-8.
"Dorian glanced at her, a look of absolute empathy on his face." Pg. 204, lines 20 and 21.
"He had to let her go." Pg. 211, line 15.

"Forward." Pg. 229, line 21.
About the Author

Heather Brewer was not your typical teen growing up. She wore black, danced under full moons and devoured every book in sight.

She hasn’t changed much.

Today, Heather can be found writing in her funky, black Happy Bunny jammie pants, dancing under the full moon, devouring every book in sight, and attending Renaissance Festivals in costume (and in character). 

When Heather's not writing, dressing up, dancing and reading, she's answering email, she's playing on Twitter. 

Where to Stalk Auntie Heather!


**MUST be 13 or older to enter**
**Winner has 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen**
**Winner will receive a paperback copy of THIRD STRIKE**

In order to win the book, you MUST leave a comment! 

"What are three words would you use to describe Auntie Heather?"

The Rafflecopter entries will give you extra points to winning!! *wink wink*


  1. Amazing, Caring, Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious! <3

  2. I can't wait!!! XD It's gonna be awesome!! :D <3

  3. So excited for Third Strike! :)

  4. Mysterious, fabulous and awesome! Auntie Heather is one of my favorite authors, thanks to her I started to learn more English!!

  5. I really hope i can win this i'm obsessed with Joss =]

  6. Three words to describe Heather Brewer awesomest leader EVA!!!

  7. I am so excited! I need more of my secret boyfriend! :)

    1. "What are three words would you use to describe Auntie Heather?"
      1. Lovely
      2. Supportive
      3. Inspirational

  8. Heather is:
    Genius! :D

  9. I'm so excited!! I need more of my secret boyfriend! :)

  10. Words to describe Auntie Heather:
    Genius! :D

  11. Amazing, Caring, Supercalifragilsticexpialidocious! <3

  12. she is unique and down-to-earth and is a bibliophile :)

  13. Magnificent, Nerdy (In the good way :p) and Favourite :)

  14. Understanding, accepting and the most unique author. <3

  15. Aasdfghjkl :D ah Im so excited for Third Strike! Ive been anxiously awaiting November 13th. Love you Auntie xx (|\/|)(-)(|\|)(|\|)(\/)

  16. Auntie Heather is the most understanding, accepting and unique author. Ever. <3

  17. Auntie Heather is brilliant, creative and thoughtful

  18. Understanding, creative, and spontaneous!!

  19. Left Comment. ?

    "What are three words would you use to describe Auntie Heather?"
    3.Misfit - She just isn't like other people; and I mean this is the best way. She's weird, she's out there, she's dark and mysterious. It's absolutely amazing.

  20. My 3 words:

  21. My 3 words: I love you <3

    I really hope I win, it would complete my collection!! <33


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