Monday, March 17, 2014

Monument 14 Week: Top Ten Monday Special: Favorite Quotes from Monument 14 (Monument 14 Trilogy, #1) by Emmy Laybourne!

In honor of the FABULOUS and TOTALLY AMAZING author Emmy Laybourne, we are throwing a week long bash dedicated to all things Monument 14 related! And as an added bonus, we're hosting a giveaway! *Yaaay! throws confetti* Check out our favorite top ten quotes from the first book in the trilogy. (Giveaway located on the sidebar)

Monument 14 follows a group of kids who find refuge inside a Greenway grocery store when the end of the world starts to take place. Freakish hail storm big enough to destroy entire buildings. Check. Mega tsunami that can wipe out an entire cities. Check. Government created gases that can make people behave like rapid dogs. Check. Surviving long enough to reestablish civilization and reunite with other human beings who have made it out alive. Not so sure. 

High schoolers Dean, Nicko, Jake, Brayden, Astrid, and Josie have to not only find ways to keep themselves alive and locate their parents, but they also have the added task of caring after younger elementary and middle grade kids: Alex (Dean's little brother), Sahalia, Chloe, Max, Ulysses, twins Caroline and Henry, and Batiste. In just six minutes, their entire world goes from normal bus ride to school to crashing through the Greenway store. Dean, Niko, Jake, Brayden, Astrid and Josie have to step up to act as pseudo-guardians while doing their best to keep each other safe from the outside world that is always one step away, one major threat away from killing them off.

Monument 14 is filled with stomach-knotting suspense and a whole lot of crazy end of the world scenarios wrapped together, creating one heck of a ride!

**Note: This book contains themes of violence, sex, murder, cussing, bullying, the intention of rape and use of drugs. Recommended age: 15 and up**


“You know, you’d think that being locked in a Greenway during the end of the world would bring out the best in everyone, but—surprise!—Brayden was still an a-hole and a bully.” ~Dean

“You bit Brayden on the scalp. It was awesome!” Alex

“Ulysses has to go pee.’ (Max)
How do you know? (Jake)
He’s my friend. I understand him. (Max)
Tell him to pee in the corner. That’s what I did. (Jake)
I couldn’t judge. I’d done the same.” (Dean)

“One week before the ceremony, I’d say I would have been about as likely to read an original poem in front of my classmates as I would have been to stand under Astrid’s window and serenade her with a mariachi band.” ~Dean

“But I believe in Heaven. And that is where I see all the beautiful souls going. People from other religions believe other things. And that’s good. Whatever they believe about what happened after death, that’s what’s happening. We each make our own Heaven, that’s what I think.” ~Josie

“Some face you got on you, Dean.’ (Brayden)
‘You look like you got hit by a truck.’ (Sahalia)

‘Nope, he got hit by me,’ Jake said, smiling at her. He flexed his biceps. ‘Feel that? Them’s the guns what wrought such wreckage!’” (Jake)

"Sometimes, when you'd least expect it, the grief would chop your legs out from under you." ~Dean

"She gave me a smile. A shining golden smile, flashing in the center of our dark, lost world." ~Dean

"Two postapocalyptic nomads with rolling suitcases. Surreal." ~Dean

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