Friday, April 18, 2014

Variant Series Week: Girls Rule Friday: Alexandra Parker

Name: Alexandra Parker

Age: 17

Loves: Chai Tea, making things out of clay, and her beloved black Jeep Wrangler.

Dislikes: Secrets, bullies, and Declan (only some of the time).

Why We Love Her: For me, the reason that Alex has climbed to the top of my fave heroines list is because of how protective she is of her family. Alex comes off as a soft wallflower who just wants to forget all about her new abilities and new place in the world. Even goes as far as denying herself human contact so that she doesn't accidentally absorb a Variant's power. But as soon as fit hits the shan and she realizes that she needs to take control of the situation to keep her family and friends from danger, she's all business and people better watch out! Alex is selfless and honorable and I dare you not to fall in love with her. 

Synopsis: Alexandra Parker might be the most powerful Variant the world has ever seen—but even that won’t get her out of finishing her junior year of high school. 

The challenge of keeping her abilities under wraps during class is daunting enough, but throw one surly, sandy-haired Jumper into the mix, and things can get downright complicated. 

Declan’s new job? Watch over Alex while she’s at school and do everything in his power to keep her from losing control. But as sparks of every kind begin flying between Alex and her new bodyguard, she's left feeling more unstable than ever. 

When avoiding her abilities results in a surprise visit from her parents’ killer, Alex’s worlds collide with a bang that nearly levels Bay View High. 

With her freedom now squarely in the Agency’s cross hairs, Alex will be faced with the fight of her life… and a decision that could forever alter the course of her destiny.

Sneak Peak

Before Declan could reply, the girl in question materialized at the front entrance, awkwardly supporting a barely conscious Aaron Gale, whose arm was draped around her shoulders.

Alex’s legs buckled under the weight of Aaron’s lanky form and she fell to her knees, taking Aaron down with her.

“Alex!” Cassie cried. In one swift motion, Aiden vaulted over the back of the couch, reaching Alex before the others could even cross the room.

“He needs a doctor,” said Alex as he helped her lay Aaron flat on the tiled floor. Her voice was rough and her eyes wet with tears. “But I was too scared to bring him to a hospital. There were agents at his apartment earlier. I think they were trying to take him in.”

Kenzie edged past the others and knelt beside Alex, pulling her into a hug, before pushing her away again to give her a once-over. “Are you hurt?”

The girl before her looked like she’d just walked headlong into a hurricane.

Kenzie wondered how close that was to the truth.

Her bright red skirt was now a muddy shade of crimson, torn in places and stained in others. She’d obviously been drenched earlier, then dried quickly somewhere with an abundance of pale dirt. Much of which had been left clinging to her clothes afterward.
 Alex wiped at her cheeks, but didn’t answer Kenzie’s question. Instead, she watched intently as Aiden examined Aaron.

“He’s unconscious,” he said, finally. “But I think he’ll be okay. Judging from the looks of him, he just pushed his ability too far. Should be alright after a few days of rest.”

Mutely, Alex nodded. “He was trying to teach me. I took too long,” she said, then added angrily, “I didn’t figure it out right away and by the time I did, Aaron was… he was…”

No one spoke.

Climbing to her feet, Alex walked to the door behind her. Opening it, she stepped outside—right into the raging storm.

Declan was half a step behind her. “Alex, what the hell do you think you’re doing? Come back inside!”

Alex shook her head. “I have to do this first, Decks,” she said, the winds howling past her as the falling rain soaked her to the skin once more. “I have to stop this storm.”

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