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Variant Series Week: Swoon Worthy Wednesday: Declan & Nate Palladino (Revival + Resistance)

Name: Declan O'Connell

Age: 18

Description: Gorgeous. Oh, I'm sorry, you want an actual description? Fine fine. Hazel eyes, dirty blonde (windswept) hair, always in his grey military jacket, tall and imposing. Wears arrogance and confidence like a second skin. 

Name: Nate Palladino

Age: 19

Description: Warm brown eyes, dark hair, a body that could earn him Greek god status. Sweet and honest(well....for the most part) And yes ladies, as far as I know he's siiiiiiingle.

Check out an awesome interview with the two hot studs from The Variant Series!

TeamNerd Reviews: What would you say makes you so swoon worthy to the ladies? What draws them to you (minus your gorgeous looks)?
Declan O’Connell: My incredible charm and rapier wit.
Nate Palladino: [snorts in amusement] Charm? Is that what you’re calling it?
Declan O’Connell: Are you going to answer the lovely lady’s question? Or should we just go ahead and move on to the next one?
Nate Palladino: Honesty. What you see is what you get with me.
TeamNerd Reviews: How do you feel about having your life story on display for the world to read? Does it bother you that Jena Leigh wrote a book depicting what happened to all of you?
Declan O’Connell: Doesn’t bother me at all. I’ve always said the details of my escapades would make for great reading. Clearly, Ms. Leigh agrees with me.
Nate Palladino: [shifts uncomfortably in his seat] I don’t know. I guess it’s a good thing for people to know what really happened… Though Jena might want to sleep with one eye open for the foreseeable future—pretty sure the Agency’s not too happy, now that the truth about Variants is out there for everyone and their mother to read about. Not to mention having the truth about the Agency itself on display.
TeamNerd Reviews: What’s one of your most embarrassing moments you’re willing to admit publicly (keep it family friendly, boys!)?
Declan O’Connell: If you’ve read Jena’s first book, Revival, then you’ve already heard about it. It happened during Nate’s eleventh birthday party.
Nate Palladino: Getting trapped in a closet with the Boathouse? That’s what you consider to be your most embarrassing moment?
Declan O’Connell: Yes. And if you try to tell anyone otherwise, I might have to come clean to these charming girls about that altercation between your gym shorts and the school’s bleachers on the day you—
Nate Palladino: Okay! Moving on. My most embarrassing moment was back in eighth grade—the time I asked out Lena Martinson after the morning news show and she turned me down. I didn’t realize until later that the mic was still on and the entire school heard me getting dissed and dismissed. It was… kind of traumatizing.
TeamNerd Reviews: What’s something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t had the opportunity to yet?
Declan O’Connell: Take Grayson’s Aston Martin V12 Vanquish out for a spin. Pretty sure the man would have a coronary if I even asked—especially after what Aiden did to his ’65 DB5 Vantage convertible—but hey. A guy can dream.
Nate Palladino: Something I’ve always wanted to do? Go to college. Kind of hoping to get an engineering degree one of these days.
TeamNerd Reviews: If you could have your own personal theme song, which artist or band would you want to write it and what would the song be called?
Declan O’Connell: Oh, that’s easy. I’d pick the band Lucero. Half their music could qualify as my theme song, anyway. As for a name… I don’t know. Something about lightning. Or motorcycles. Or whiskey. Maybe all three, just so we’ve got our bases covered.
Nate Palladino: I’m actually in physical pain right now, trying to suppress this urge to roll my eyes.
Declan O’Connell: Yeah? And what would you pick, Nate?
Nate Palladino: Led Zeppelin. Or maybe the Stones. A band that could really rock out and do my theme song justice. [He grins.] We’ll call it “Telekinetic” and subtitle it “My Brother is a Jackass.”
TeamNerd Reviews: Let’s wrap this up with some fun questions to tease your fans with *wink*.

If you could have any superhero power which one would you want?

Declan O’Connell: I’m pretty happy with the teleportation thing, but if I had to choose something else… Fire, probably. I’d like to try my hand at Carson Brandt’s power over the fire element.

Nate Palladino: Always knew you were a pyromaniacal deviant at heart, Decks… I’d probably choose Brian and the boss’s gift. Predicting the future would be pretty sweet. Not to mention helpful, these days.

TeamNerd Reviews: Boxers, briefs or commando? 

Declan O’Connell: Boxers.

Nate Palladino: I’ll just leave that up to your imagination, ladies.

Declan O’Connell: Chicken.

TeamNerd Reviews: Favorite cuss word.

Declan O’Connell: Favorite sounding cuss word? Or the one that I use most often? Because my favorite cuss word of all time involves something I can’t say in polite company. I’d even hesitate to use it in impolite company… The one I use the most often, though, is probably “shit.”

Nate Palladino: For me, I’d say it’s a tie between “dammit” and “son of a bitch.”

Declan O’Connell: You kept that so PG. Adorable… If only the folks at home knew how expansive your vocabulary actually is.
TeamNerd Reviews: Favorite sound. 

Declan O’Connell: A great song I’m hearing for the first time.

Nate Palladino: The sound of the Charger’s engine revving.

TeamNerd Reviews: Any tattoos? If yes, where is it and what is it of? If not, would you ever get one and what of? 

Declan O’Connell: None yet… Though there was this Celtic knot I always liked, back when I was a kid, which was branded into the wood above the front door of our old farmhouse. Maybe I’ll get it as a tattoo someday.
Nate Palladino: One. Between my shoulder blades… And if you want to know what it is, you’ll have to read Jena’s third book in the series!

You can purchase The Variant Series on Barnes & Noble  and Amazon!

Check out Jena Leigh on her website and twitter! She LOVES to chat with fans!

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