Monday, May 5, 2014

Blogaversary Giveaway #1: Win a SIGNED copy of ANY book from the SYRENA LEGACY by ANNA BANKS!

Because we are HUUUUUUGE Anna Banks fans and are SUPER EXCITED for the release of OF NEPTUNE, we decided to put together a fun giveaway to start off celebrating TeamNerd Reviews upcoming blogaversary (May 24th)!

Author Anna Banks will be traveling the country on the Fierce Reads Tour beginning in May with some amazing authors. She will be making a stop at Books & Books in Florida where Annabell lives. ONE lucky winner will get to have a copy of ANY one of the three books from the Syrena Legacy PERSONALLY signed by Anna Banks to his or her name ;) 

Yes, that includes Of Neptune (the new book coming MAY 13) if that's the book you want! Which means we PAY for the book and we make sure to get it SIGNED PERSONALIZED to the winner!!

And FOUR lucky winners will receive a SIGNED booklet AND bookmark by Anna Banks (under the pseudonym Anna Scarlett) for her book DEGREES OF WRONG!!

Here's how to enter:

1) In the comment section, leave THREE words that describe Author Anna Banks best (BE NICE!)


If you don't know Anna Banks and her books, then tell us why you want to win.

2) Let us know which book you want to win and leave your twitter handle.

3) Enter the rafflecopter for extra points.


Good luck to everyone!!

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  1. Need. To. READ! End of.
    Of Poseidon. Twitter is @Erica07362798

    1. Actually I changed my Twitter handle. Its now @toFloatandDream. Thanks for the Giveaway. I forgot to mention before!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. Smart, Creative, Fun Have to have of neptune please!!!!!!!!!!! @PhyllisHuang3

  3. Fun, creative, awesome i need of neptune NOW please choose me!

  4. Talented, interesting, and fun! I am so ready to read Of Neptune! @tamara216


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