Friday, June 27, 2014

New Short Story: When Harpy Meets Werewolf: The First Encounter by Annabell Cadiz & Bridget Strahin

Heyaz Nerdians!

We have AWESOME, FUN news to share! Bridget and Annabell have teamed up to start writing short stories together and will be placing them on Wattpad so fans can read them for FREE! ;)

Their first short story is up. It's the first part to a love story between Fallon--a self-conscious Harpy looking for prince charming to just give her a chance, and Liam--a lanky, nerdy werewolf looking for a girl who will see more in him than just his red suspenders and bookworm smarts. 

How can a Harpy and a Werewolf fall in love and make it work? Find out in the serial series WHEN HARPY MEETS WERWOLF!



You ever notice how most love stories start with some dude with a six pack. You know the one. He’s usually on the cover with luscious locks of hair in one shade or another, staring intensely at you while he broods all mysterious like. By chapter two the fair maiden has entered the story and by the end of the chapter, they’ve declared their undying love for each other. He helps rescue her from near peril time and time again and she’s so grateful, she’s willing to marry him right on the spot . . . even if they’ve only each other for like two days. Yeah, like that’s a strong foundation to build a happy marriage on.

I’m just being bitter. I mean all those girls can catch the eye of a gorgeous prince but I can’t even get a toad to bat an eye at me. I can’t really blame them though; when you’re a girl with a body of a bird and a head and torso of a woman, you can’t really expect all the boys to want to come to the yard so to speak.

Check out the rest of the story on TeamNerd Reviews Wattpad page!

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