Saturday, August 9, 2014


Today marks a VERY special day in the universe! 

On this day, twenty-seven years ago, Heaven was all smiles and tears of joy because my bestie, twinsie from another mother, my partner in book crime, the one and only Bridget Strahin, was born into the world. 

*cue jumping around screaming happily and giggling*

I just wanted to take out a moment to thank Bridge, a.k.a. Bubbles, for all the hard work she invests into TeamNerd Reviews throughout every year and an even BIGGER thank you for putting up with my narcotic paranoid, weirdo self for the last four years! (Seriously deserves some sort of award for that!) Bridge can make you crack a smile when you're down, make you feel loved no matter your mistakes, and accepts you completely for who you are no matter how crazy you actually are. She's one of a kind and I am ever so grateful to the Big Man upstairs for introducing us. My life is a lot better for having a best friend as amazing as mine! 

*wipes tears* *lifts champagne glass full of hot chocolate* Here's to Bridget! May God see fit to bless her with MANY MANY MANY MANY more years of life and may every new year be filled with so much laughter she can barely stop smiling, so much chocolate she'd go into a chocolate coma, and most importantly, even more love so she never forgets just how important she is to the world!!


~Beebs (Annabell)


  1. Happy Birthday, Bridget!!

  2. Hehe. Bubbles. I love it! :)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIDGET!!!!! *raises a flute* *erm, make that a CHAMPAGNE flute* Cheers, lady! Hope your birthday is fantabulous!!! :)

  3. Blessed birthday, Bridget! :) This year will be your most FAVORED year yet!


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