Monday, September 29, 2014

Recap Monday: #OUAT Season 4, Ep. 1

Where: ABC
Day: Sundays
Time: 8PM

So yesterday was Sunday (Duh!) but the reason that’s important to mention is because it also happened to be the day season 4 of Once Upon A Time (OUAT) premiered on ABC.

*cue more squealing* *cue clapping excitedly*

The new season of OUAT centers around the characters from the epically successful animated movie FROZEN. (In case you were living under a rock and weren’t aware). The show starts off where the FROZEN movie left off and exactly where season 3 of OUAT ended.

Episode in a Nutshell: Belle and Rumple are on their honeymoon. Emma is avoiding Captain Hook (and her feelings! Come on Emma!! A man that gorgeous deserves to be kissed nonstop *hehe*) and attempting to make amends with Regina after she accidently destroyed her potential happy ending with Robin Hood after bringing back his wife from the past who was supposed to be killed by the Evil Queen. (Talk about a complicated romance). Meanwhile, Prince Charming and Snow White are just hanging out with their newborn son, Neal, and Regina is plotting to make happy endings finally happen for villains even if that causes total mayhem. But Regina isn’t the one to worry about just yet. The streets are turning to ice and Grumpy and Sleepy almost get turned to popsicle-sized dwarfs when they almost hit Elsa with a car. Grumpy’s loud mouth announces Elsa’s arrival which sends Emma, Captain Hook, and Robin Hood into a battle with a giant snowman. The show also goes back into the past, showcasing Arendelle and what happened to lead Elsa into Storybrooke.

Our Thoughts (WARNING: Some spoilers!): Elsa and Anna’s characters were portrayed quite well. Although, Elsa’s character we would say was portrayed more accurately. She is still battling the death of her parents, feeling like she was the cause of it, which only heightens when she and Anna come across a diary that belonged to their mother. Actress Georgina Haig did a wonderful job portraying the role of Elsa. Actress Elizabeth Lail did a great job as well portraying Anna but her character felt sort of flat and bland. She had brief moments of where Anna’s nonstop babbling and fumbling came into play and her understanding and encouraging disposition came out, but Anna’s clumsiness or goofballness didn’t FULLY get showcased. Hopefully as the show progresses forward, more of Anna’s characterization will be as well.

We LOVED being able to see a bit of Arendelle and seeing Anna in her puffy wedding dress. The tender moments they shared over visiting their parent’s graves and finding the diary that belonged to her mother. Kristoph and Sven also make a small appearance and where adorables.

Back in Storybrooke, we just couldn’t get over Rumple and Belle! LOVE THEM SO HARD!! They decide to do their honeymoon in a mansion that seems to be abandoned. Rumple makes the choice that he cannot start his marriage out on a lie so he switches the fake dagger he gave to Belle for the real dagger that can control his magic. There’s also this moment where he recognizes a certain item in the mansion that Rumple later reveals as the Fantasia hat Mickey wears. Thecreators of the show have stated that later on in the season viewers will findout the truth about the hat and who it belongs to (to a new character, not a recurring one). (Elsa also has some sort of connection to Rumple because she knew about Mr. Gold and where to find his shop). The sweetest moment was when Rumple and Belle have their first dance as husband and wife. Rumple goes all Disney-movie themed by switching their clothes to fit the yellow gown and blue tux from the movie.

Emma and Captain Hook need to go on a date! A real life date where Captain Hook wears normal clothes and they aren’t chasing a giant snowman or evil witches or flying monkeys or a band of Lost Boys. Man, these two need a serious vacation! Hook just wants some alone time to cement their relationship. He’s all sexy and swoony casting come hither looks. *dreamy sigh* Emma, of course, needs time because she feels really guilty over messing up things for Regina, which really, she should. Rumple did warn her if you change the past, you change the present. Emma keeps stalking Regina, trying to get her to talk, but Regina has decided since she’s a villain that means she’s going to need to change the story. Cue the Once Upon A Time book that started it all. Regina wants to find who wrote it and get him (or her) to change the entire story so Regina gets a second a chance to be a good person and to have a happy ending.

We’re SUPER excited to finally find out the origins of the book and who the hecks writes the freakin thing! Maybe there’s a connection between who ever created the hat of Fantasia and the book??

Our hearts broke for Regina though. The woman has changed and grown so much since the first season. She was no longer acting as Evil Queen. She could finally conjure good magic and gave up using dark magic to get what she wanted. She had made amends with Snow White and Prince Charming and the entire Enchanted Forest clan. She even found love with Robin Hood. It was so FRIGGIN sad and frustrating to have Robin come over and basically break her heart because he has a sense of duty to his wife even though he has feelings for Regina and grieved the loss of his wife years ago. So yeah. It’s BULL! Regina has earned a bloody happy ending already! Dang it!

But we sure can’t wait to see what level of crazy goes down with Regina trying to change everyone’s story, Rumple keeping secrets, and Elsa looking for Anna.

Season 4 is already chalk full of questions and it’s only just started! 

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