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Recap Monday: #OUAT S4, Ep. 3

Once Upon A Time
Original Air Date: 10/12/2014
Season: 4
Episode 3: Rocky Road

#OUAT was SO GOOD Sunday night with #allthefeelings it produced via Emma and Captain Hook and Robin and Regina! *Eeep* Also, *gasping* because BIG secrets were revealed! So be warned spoileryness ahead.

Episode Wrap Up: Robin is showing his wife, Marian, (who was brought back from the past thanks to Emma’s inability to listen to simple instructions at the end of season 3!) Stroybrooke, attempting to help her adjust to the 21st century. They walk into an ice cream store where the owner hands them free ice cream but she’s not as friendly as she looks. She does something magically creepy to Marian’s vanilla ice cream cone before handing it over and sending the family on their way.

Back at Mr. Gold’s shop, Rumple is in a heated argument with Emma, Elsa, and Captain Hook to prove his innocence. Emma and Captain Hook are under the impression that Rumple knows Elsa and is the only one who can answer why she was stuck inside an urn found inside his vault of dark magic back in the Enchanted Forest. Rumple tells Belle to use the Dark One’s dagger to force him to speak the truth. Rumple denies knowing anything about Elsa or her sister and Emma, Captain Hook, and Elsa have no choice but to believe him because they know Rumple HAS TO answer to whoever wields the dagger (except the dagger Belle has a big fat fake). 

On the other side of time, Elsa is freaking out because she hasn’t heard from Anna and none of the scouts she sent out have found any sighting of her whereabouts. Kristoff (oh-so-adorable!) isn’t too worried though, he knows Anna can take care of herself. But word comes from one of the soldiers, the evil Prince Hans has returned and he’s brought all 12 big brothers with him along with an army. They plan on invading Arendelle. But Elsa doesn’t understand how that can be. Prince Hans knows what she is capable of, how does he plan to stand against her power? Kristoff ventures off (against Queen Elsa’s wishes) to find out. He discovers Prince Hans has information about a special urn that he believes can trap people with power like Elsa’s and once he retrieves he will march on Arendelle, lock Elsa inside, and take over the kingdom. Elsa and Kristoff journey toward the Southern Mountains in order to find the urn before Hans does.

Back in present day Storybrooke, Snow White is leading a fireside chat in the mayor’s office having now taken over the position. All is going fairly well until Marian collapses. Robin Hood seeks out help from the one person who isn’t exactly too excited to see him or his wife—Regina. She confirms Marian has been put under a very dark curse and if they don’t find a way to stop it, she will freeze to death. (Regina and Henry also create a new secret mission called Operation Mongoose. Henry wants to help Regina find the author of the Once Upon A Time story book). The townspeople believe Elsa is behind it and want to put her under lock and key (we’re thinking they don’t realize Elsa could just freeze the jailcell and escape). Emma charges Killian with keeping Elsa safe while she and Prince Charming search for the real culprit behind keeping up the ice wall and freezing Marian’s heart.

Jumping back into the past in Arendelle—Elsa and Kristoff find the urn and discover some sort of ancient writing on it. Kristoff tells Elsa to destroy it but she’s too busy trying to read the ancient mumbo-jumbo to pay attention that Prince Hans and his brothers have arrived. Prince Hans gets the best of them and demands Elsa give him the urn or he will kill Kristoff. Elsa hands it over and Prince Hans opens it up. Some sort of liquid gold like substance comes out and heads toward Elsa (for whatever reason she doesn’t even try to use her magic. Her self-preservation skills could use some work) but swerves around her and rises up, forming into a beautiful woman in a gorgeous white gown. The same woman who runs the ice cream shop in Storybrooke!

Back in Storybrooke, Emma and Prince Charming come across Will Scarlett as he’s rummaging through Robin Hood’s tent. Will used to be one of Robin Hood’s Merrymen (he also used to be on the epic failure of Once Upon A Time In Wonderland) until they had a falling out. In exchange for Emma not locking him up, he tells them about a curious thing he came across when he was working his way through the town, thieving as it were. When he snuck into the ice cream parlor he found all the ice cream frozen solid even though there was a town-wide blackout. Emma and Prince Charming head out to the ice cream shop with Will and discover there are no generators or electricity of any kind but the ice cream is still intact. Will manages to escape but Emma and Prince Charming have no time to go after him. They have to find the owner of the shop before Marian dies. They find her in the forest along with Captain Hook—whose legs are wrapped in ice and attempting to free himself before the icicles hanging over his head pierce him to death—and Elsa who is trying to figure out how exactly this woman knows her.

Emma is able to summon her power to fight off the Snow Queen and save Captain Hook and Prince Charming (who was trying to free Killian). The Snow Queen disappears. Emma has a moment with Killian FINALLY revealing the reason she’s always avoiding having any romantic moments with him. She’s terrified of losing him like she’s lost everyone else. The Snow Queen and Rumple have a little meeting of their own. Apparently, the Snow Queen doesn’t want Emma to remember knowing her. Rumple asks if she wants his help and she promises to come to him when she’s ready to make a deal.

Our Thoughts: Holy shiz peeps! Probably the best episode so far on the new Frozen season of #OUAT!!

The BIG REVEALTON of the Snow Queen having been Elsa and Anna’s aunt is cray cray!! Not sure if she’s telling the truth because villains are so friggin good at lying on this dang show, but the Snow Queen does have a connection with Elsa’s past that’s big so perhaps she’s telling the real truth. When Emma appears on the scene to rescue Killian, the Snow Queen seems surprised and in shock like she knew Emma in a different time, for a different reason, so they seem to share a past too but Emma has no clue who she is. The twist and turns we’ve come to love on the show are finally starting to happen!!

Rumple letting Belle use the fake dagger to force him to tell the truth even though he knows it wouldn’t really do anything was just wrong. Just want to slap him for manipulating Belle because that woman has believed in him through EVERYTHING and NEVER given up him, she doesn’t deserve to be played like that!! Darn it, Rumple! Grow a pair would you!!

Robin Hood and Regina. Le sigh. They NEED to be together!! When Robin reveals he’s in love with Regina, we just couldn’t stop from swooning. BUT we also wanted to smack him upside the head! He thinks it’s honorable for him to stay with his wife because they have a son and she was brought into the new world against her will but Robin doesn’t realize that isn’t really honorable, just stupid. In the end Marian will be left heart-broken (or maybe dead??) and staying with someone you don’t love is a lie. Why would letting Marian live a lie and forcing himself to live one be a GOOD idea?? (Outside of extending the plot). He was always meant to be Regina’s true love and can’t wait to see them finally have the chance to really be together. Although for a minute there we did worry Regina was gonna go all Evil Queen again and crush Marian heart when she took it out of her chest in order to keep it from being covered by the ice curse. Frankly, we really would have minded if Marian died BUT we didn't want Regina to be the one who kills her. Regina's worked hard to give up her Evil Queen ways and she NEEDS to keep to that.

Emma and Killian are just so gooood together!! We LOOOOVE them SO HARD!! Emma revealing to Hook that she is afraid she will lose him like she’s lost every other guy she’s been with (Neal, Graham, even Walsh—although to be fair he was an evil monkey for the Wicked Witch so she doesn’t really count) and Killian being all loving and telling her not to worry, he’s good at surviving was just enough to make you all gushy *hehe*. LOVE that Killian never gives up on Emma, no matter how hard she pushes.

Can’t wait to find out how Rumple and the Snow Queen know each other, who took Anna and why, how Elsa got sucked up in that urn, how the Snow Queen and Emma know one another, and when Belle will find out the truth about Rumple’s dagger! *Eeeeep* So much drama and reveals and twistiness to come!!!

Side Note: Can Elsa and Killian PLEASE be made to wear regular clothes?! It’s kind of ridiculous to see them wondering around Storybrooke and the forest in pirate getup and Elsa’s signature blue gown from the Frozen movie. Everyone else in town is wearing regular clothes—even Regina and the Snow Queen (when she’s not decked out in her beautiful white gown).

Favorite Action Scene: Kristoff fighting off Prince Hans’ brothers in the cave when he and Elsa find the urn. He TOTALLY kicked up! And his sarcastic, light-hearted demeanor was great to see on the show. He’s such a fun and adorable character =)

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