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Vamp Tuesday: #TheOriginals, S2: Ep. 2

The Originals
Season: 2
Episode 2: Alive and Kicking
Original Airdate: 10/13/2014
Network: CW

Episode Wrap Up: The latest episode of The Originals begins with a travel back time to Cadiz, Spain in 1702 where Klaus and Elijah are searching for their younger brother Kol who has been having his fair share of vamp fun slaughtering people and drinking up blood to his merry content. Elijah and Klaus are in a hurry. Mikael, dear old psycho of a father, is after them and they need Kol to get moving to the ship before Mikael finds them. But little brother Kol isn’t all that ready to leave. Too bad big brothers aren’t above bullying him into submission if it means keeping themselves alive to fight another day. Klaus daggers Kol with one of the four magical daggers that can imprison an Original but before Kol takes a nap for the next couple of years, he vows he will find a way to get back at Klaus.

Enter present day with Kol in a borrowed body (a VERY sexy body we might add!), walking the streets of the French Quarter in New Orleans, using his magic to create mischief wherever he goes. Kol is keeping tabs on Davinia for his witch of a mother. Back at the Mikaelson compound, Elijah has his hands full, what with Hayley eating witches for breakfast because she can’t seem to control her new hybrid temper and has a MEGA vendetta against them (who could blame her though, the dang witches tried to kill her baby!), and Klaus is more than happy to let Hayley go on a rampage against the witches. Elijah on the other hand wants Hayley’s humanity and dignity to stay intact so he commands little brother Klaus to take Hayley to the werewolves and see what they can do for her.

On the other side of town, Marcel is in pursuit of building a new army of vampires since his were all slaughtered during the end of the first season. As Elijah finds Marcel giving a good yet really creepy speech about what it’ll take to be one of the creatures that goes bump in the night, we travel back in time to an older New Orleans in 1821. Marcel is a young boy under Elijah’s tutelage and Klaus is bored out of his mind. He sets Kol free from his long slumber and of course those two get into way too much trouble, killing and eating people left and right. Elijah wants to take young Marcel away for his own safety which makes Klaus freak out. Papa bear won’t let Marcel being taken away, he’d rather stake Kol back into sleep again which only pisses Kol off. Kol decides to give Marcel an education in the theater by having servants act it out and killing them in front of the boy if they don’t perform well. Elijah tries to take Kol out but Klaus steps in and daggers Kol back to sleep again because he refuses to allow anyone to mess with Marcel.

Present day: Elijah gives Marcel an offer: he helps him locate the white oak stake and he won’t take down his new army of vamps. He tells Marcel to get Davina to help him find the stake or (in not so subtle terms) he’ll go after her himself. But Elijah isn’t the only one who wants Davina. Kol has been keeping track of her and informs his mother she’s hiding something in the basement of the church. While they try to figure out what Davina is up to, Mommy dearest is using the witch coven to make daylight rings for the werewolves. She’s building in army of her own to take war to Klaus and Elijah.

Marcel meets up with Davina to ask for her help but when Elijah interrupts, Davina refuses and Elijah comes to the realization Davina knows exactly where the white oak stake is. Back in the werewolf compound, Klaus is making Hayley face her fears by having her speak to the werewolves of her pack that are left. She is after all their queen and should be the one in charge. If the other werewolf covens team up against them, they will need Hayley’s werewolf coven to fight back. But Oliver (the werewolf that betrayed her werewolf pack in season 1 and has decided to become leader in Hayley’s absence) is making things difficult. Klaus has no problem ending his life to make the transition to Hayley’s new leadership easier. But Hayley steps in to save Oliver and Klaus leaves her to deal with making sure the wolf pack listens to her.

Klaus heads off to the cemetery where the witches seem to enjoy hanging out and comes face to face with his mom—or well, the sixteen-year-old girl’s body she’s taken over—except he doesn’t know his mom. They have such a pleasant conversation: “My mother was insane . . . She believed we were an abomination. A curse on this earth stretched out over generations . . . But she was the true monster. She changed her children, stole our innocence, made us vampires, condemned us to an eternity of bloodlust and then acted as if we were to blame.” After the not so subtle threats are exchanged, Klaus makes an exit seeing as how the witch has an entire werewolf pack ready to attack him if he tries anything.

While Mom keeps older bro Klaus occupied, Kol takes Davina to dinner which turns into a HUGE disaster! Werewolves come out to play and Davina can’t hold them off. Kol isn’t much help. So Davina let’s Mikael free and Daddy comes in to kick some MAJOR butt! He pretty much throws the wolves around likes rag dolls; ripping out hearts like it requires no strength at all. Davina ends up losing her bracelet in a scoff with a werewolf and Mikael decides to take full advantage by trying to kill her. Except Elijah steps in to save her. Marcel gets Davina back her bracelet and Davina orders Mikael back to the attic.

Once Klaus is back at the compound, he informs Elijah he knows Cassie is really their mother and in Klaus like fashion declares, “I’m going to kill her. I will boil her bones and feed them to the dogs if that’s what it takes.” Elijah puts a dent in his feasting by informing him that their father has also returned. Klaus decides there’s only one question they need to answer: “Which of their parents do they kill first?”

Hayley brings back the pack of wolves to stay at the compound. Elijah decides to put distance between himself and Hayley and Klaus. It’s the same thing he did when Kol was put back to sleep with threatening Marcel. Elijah wants Klaus to be redeemed and he thinks having Klaus get closer to Hayley will help. Kol doesn’t want to play by mom’s rules anymore and so when she nearly tries to kill him, he decides to keep mum (haha) on the fact that Davina is hiding dear old dad in the attic of the church. Elijah pays a visit to Marcel and Marcel tells him his threats don’t really matter in the long scheme of things because with Mikael back it means all vampires can be killed. He tells Elijah to pick a side Team Wolf (with Hayley and Klaus) or Team Vampire (with him). He then proceeds to kill a new recruit named Gia who he had fed his blood earlier and tells Elijah once she wakes up she’s gonna need a mentor, Elijah is it.

Our Thoughts: *lots of screaming* *lots of hyperventaliting* *lots of flailing around aimlessly*
Take deep breaths, people!

HOLY COW!! This episode of The Originals was OFF THE CHARTS good!! All the twistiness, all the bloodshed, all the threats from Klaus we just love. SUCH A FRIGGIN GOOD EPISODE!!! *Ahhhh*

Klaus mentoring Hayley, helping her to find healing while learning to master her new hybrid side and gather up the pack, is great to watch. Klaus has some humanity left underneath his constant thirst for blood and vengeance. To see him as broken about having to give up his baby girl as Hayley just makes us want to hug him. Yeah, we know. Klaus equals evil. But he was turned that way from his effed up parents, so we feel for him. I mean we aren’t going around demanding blood or ripping out hearts or trying to conquer a city, but we know that sometimes families can be difficult =P

Poor Elijah. He’s always the one who has to be noble and do what’s right for the greater good—particularly when it comes to his family, especially when it comes to Klaus. He had a great relationship with Marcel until he saw how jealous Klaus was getting, so he ruined his relationship with Marcel so Klaus could get closer to him. It’s the same he’s doing with Hayley. Man, Elijah is one hell of a loyal brother! Aside from the whole being-dead-but-alive-vampire-thing, he’d totes make an awesome boyfriend! *swoon*

Klaus and Elijah’s little brother Finn seems to be as cray cray as the mom and dad. Kol just wants to have fun and get some revenge on his big bro’s for making sleep for like a thousand years. We hope Kol ends up siding with Elijah and Klaus. He’s just too charming and funny and hot to be killed off by following his loco mom.

When Mikael showed up to take out all there werewolves in the bar that attacked Davina—that scene was EPIC!! He just stepped in, took out a fleet of werewolves who all jumped him at the same time. Just swung them off of him like he hadn’t been dead for a bizllion years. It was NUTS! I mean Daddy is psycho to the core but he can definitely be a good asset in a war, just sayin’ ;)



“I find it amusing that you think you have a choice.”

“Being a vampire only exaggerates what you truly are, and wolves are wild things.”

“Hold your tongue, or I will tear it from your gaping mouth.”

“You need to learn about the art of politics, luv. You gain support by killing your detractors.”
“I’m going to the witch. Seems I need to educate her as to what she may or may not do in my city.”

“You use my full name as though we were familiars. I find it insulting.” 

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