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Vamp Tuesday: #TheOriginals, S2, Ep. 3

The Originals
Mondays, 8PM, CW
Season: 2
Episode 3: Every Mother’s Son
Original Air date: 10/20/2014

“If this is your idea of a joke, I can assure you, I am not amused.” ~Elijah

Short Wrap Up: HOLY SWEETCAKES NERDS!! THIS episode was so much about SECRETS! Esther, the mom from hell, wants a reunion with her boys Elijah and Klaus because she has a very powerful offer. The Mikaelson boys aren’t exactly trusting of their wicked witch of a mother so they scheme to find a witch for a spell that helps them keep track of when Esther jumps bodies. Klaus also learns a VERY life changing secret his mother had never told him about which explains SO MUCH of how Klaus turned into a rageaholic vampire! #AlltheFeels Finn reveals himself to his younger brothers, not that Klaus cares too much; he still finds ways to insult big brother, and Esther makes an offer to Hayley she almost gives into. Marcel is building his vampire coven and Elijah finally agrees to become Gia’s mentor.

Favorite Klaus Quotes

“Well, I doubt her guard will drop just because I’m dressed like a bloody lawyer.”

“Just know, if she tries anything, I will tear her new body to pieces.”

“Well, it was a challenge to find a good pairing. What wine goes well with treachery?”
“Why would she want Hayley? (Elijah)
‘To kill her, to punish us, to learn the truth about the child, for one of any number of reasons. All which will be rendered moot when I send her screaming back to hell.”

“You hide behind your spell like a coward.”

"You rant, and you rage about the monster I’ve become, but you, Mother, are the author of everything I am.”

Longer Version with Commentary: Mommy Dearest wants a reunion with her sons so she sneaks over to their compound, sets up what looks like a delicious meal, which comes attached with a note: Dinner. Your House. 8PM. Elijah and Klaus begin to scheme a way to trap their mother. (When Hayley ate a piece of the cheese before knowing where the food came from, we thought she would have gone under a coma or died or something because Esther is one effed up mother!)

Jumping back in time, we meet Esther—the mother to the Mikaelson boys—who is telling a child version of Klaus about the song of the Starlings. Klaus is hiding out because his father wants to take him hunting but Klaus hates being alone with his father. Mikael isn’t exactly the warm and loving kind. Esther tells Klaus any time he hears a Starling singing, she will be with him.

Back to Present time: Elijah is paying Marcel a visit. He is in search of witch that can help the Mikaelson brothers with a spell. Davina isn’t exactly game to help out considering she’s in hiding with Mikael, but thankfully Marcel found another witch. Since Elijah seems to be against helping to mentor Gia of his own free will, Marcel pretends not to remember the witch and sends Gia to show Elijah where Lenore (the new witch) hangs out.

At a bar close by, Oliver—the power hungry werewolf who attempted to help take down Klaus then when that didn’t work attempted to take over Hayley’s position with the werewolf pack and when Klaus almost killed him decided the smarter course of action would be to join Klaus and Hayley’s side—meets up with Finn (the cray cray bro. Klaus may be a sociopath but he still has a heart. Finn is just a serial killer vampire turned psychopath witch). Oliver, in all his usual bravdo and arrogance, expected to meet Cassie, not the second in command. Finn hands him over a moon ring (or whatever it’s called) (keeps werewolves from changing during the full moon) and in exchange for Oliver keeping the ring (and his life), he will do what he’s told, whether Finn (posing as Vincent) tells him or Cassie. (We’re pretty sure at some point Finn is going to end up going against his mom and just out and out lose his marbles. He just has that look of the insane).

Over at the Mikaelson compound, Klaus is setting up for dinner with his hateful mother. Tablecloths, best wine, a dinner table set for royalty. Hayley reports in that Oliver just informed her of what happened at the bar. Klaus isn’t surprised his mother is building alliances with other witches. Hayley doesn’t understand how his mother could hate him and Elijah so much. She had six freakin kids, how could she not love them?? Klaus confesses to Hayley his mother actually had seven kids, a baby died before he was born then his brother Henrick was killed by werewolves when he was younger. After his death, Esther could not bear to lose another child so she turned her remaining kids into immortals. But there was a VERY delicate secret Esther had been hanging onto (outside of Klaus NOT being Mikael’s biological son): Klaus’s real father was the leader of the very wolf pack that killed his brother. Mikael in turned killed Klaus’s father and Esther lost her mind because she lost two children and the man she really loved.

Heading back over to Elijah, Gia is trying to make chitchat with him, trying to get to know him but Elijah just wants to be done with the task of finding the witch as soon as possible. His first instruction for Gia (since Marcel insists Elijah mentor her): Do not waste his time. She leads him to a small shop where Elijah meets with a witch named Lenore. Elijah would like her help in finding a spell that will be able to tell him and Klaus when their mother jumps from her current body to a new one. Lenore tells him the spell is called Soul Branding and she’ll be able to do it for him as soon as he gets an object that’s been spelled by the witch and a python. Elijah agrees to bring the object while giving Gia the task to get the snake. Second lesson of the day: mind compulsion (Guess to use on the snake?? Didn’t know vamps could also control animals?? Now all we can think about is Elijah being a snake charmer *hehe*). Poor Gia has no clue how to be a vampire let alone do mind compulsion. Elijah isn’t exactly being that great of a mentor.

As soon as Elijah and Gia leave, Finn comes in and takes Lenore as a captive. He wants information but Lenore isn’t giving anything up. Finn calls upon Oliver’s skills of brutal persuasion to get Lenore to talk. Oliver calls Hayley for help. She beats Oliver up a bit to make it look like Lenore had help getting away (except the audience isn’t privy to this. We would have liked to seen Oliver get the crap beat outta him by Hayley. He deserves a good whipping!) then takes Lenore back to the shop for safety and where the spell will be performed.

Klaus has paid Marcel a visit. He’s in need of a necklace his mother once gave to him when he was a boy. The necklace is of a Starling. Esther had told Klaus it would always protect him and help him find her no matter where he was. Klaus had given it to Marcel when he was eleven. Elijah hands it over to Hayley who in turns gives it to Lenore so she can use it to perform the Soul Branding spell.

Finn shows up for dinner in usual Mikaelson fashion, filled with arrogance and insults right from the get go. Elijah doesn’t recognize him but Klaus calls him out, knowing it’s Finn. Turns out dear big brother Klaus had daggered Finn for 900 years and left him in the coffin to sleep. Klaus doesn’t believe Finn really has a right to be angry, “The last time we met, you were helping our mother to try to annihilate the lot of us. Let’s not throw stone in glass houses.” Esther had released him and transformed him from vampire to witch. Kol had also been changed. Finn tells Elijah and Klaus that change is inevitable so they should just get on board with their mother. Klaus begs to differ, “The only thing inevitable is your death.” Mama Esther finally arrives. She tries to convince Klaus and Elijah that everything she’s ever done has been to protect them.

She reminds them of the day when Klaus had challenged Mikael to a duel and almost died. She had helped to save him, to heal him after his father ran a sword through him. Klaus had challenged his father in order to gain his respect and Mikael had tried to take the necklace Esther had given him as a prize but Klaus would not let him.

Back in the Present: Klaus realizes that the necklace his mother had given him wasn’t to protect him. She had made it to keep him from becoming a werewolf. She knew all along about his curse. “You left me to suffer at the hands of a father who valued only strength . . . You lied to me to cover your own transgressions because of your own fear! My whole life, I sought the approval I was denied by the man I thought was my father. You turned me into the weakling he hated! You rant, and you rage about the monster I’ve become, but you, Mother, are the author of everything I am.”

HOLY SHIZ!! Klaus definitely let’s out his feelings on his mother’s and chews her a new one (not literally, what with him being a vampire, that could have actually happened). Esther was the reason for everything Klaus had to go through, had to suffer through because of his father. Esther was the reason Klaus never felt good enough or strong enough even as a vampire. That damn woman screwed up her kids so bad!! No wonder Klaus has no idea how to trust or love or have faith in anything without being paranoid and possessive and controlling. *Hugs Klaus*

Back to the show: Cassie (Esther) falls unconscious after Klaus’s rage-induced rant and Finn takes Klaus and Elijah out before they can go after her knowing their mother is transferring to another body. Lenore is performing the Soul Branding spell at that precise moment (surprise surprise) and Esther takes over her body . . . while Hayley’s in the room. Lenore makes Hayley an offer: she can free Hayley from her hybrid form, change her, make her normal again so she can have a better life and more children. She understands what it’s like to lose a child, she sympathizes with Hayley (because we all know crazy can be trusted *shaking our heads*) Before Hayley can give an answer Klaus and Elijah storm into the shop. Klaus sends Hayley away for safety (Elijah threatens his mother if she lays a hand on Hayley he will go after her which made us all swoony and sighy). Esther offers Elijah and Klaus the same as she did Hayley, Kol, and Finn. She can take away their vampire way of life, she can set them free so they can have a new life. Klaus and Elijah decline the offer, they know better than to trust their mother. She ominously warns there will be a time where they will come begging her for it.

Once the boys return to the compound, Klaus interrogates Hayley in what their mother wanted. As far as Hayley could tell she just wanted exactly what she offered them. Hayley snaps at Elijah for only caring about her when she’s in danger and storms off. Elijah means to go after her but Klaus stops him, he needs his brother, he needs to know how to handle finding out the truth about what his mother did to him. Elijah, the always wise and understanding brother, tells him, “You were never weak, Niklaus. You are and always have been the most fierce of us all. In a thousand years, I’ve never seen anyone successfully stand against you, not even our wicked father, not one of the countless devoted to your destruction. You will protect our home, even in the face of adversary such as our mother, because that, brother, that is what you do.”

Elijah heads out of the compound and meets up with Gia at a bar/music spot. They share a moment when discussing Gia and the music she loved to play but has been struggling to do ever since she was changed into a vampire. Elijah agrees to help her.

Back at the witch coven, Finn isn’t happy Esther let his brothers get away, that she didn’t either kill them or force them into change. (Told you, Finn is all loco!) Esther tells him to relax, it’s not time yet. Tonight’s attack wasn’t about an ultimatum; it was an invitation to her sons. But Finn knows Elijah and Klaus are too stubborn, to defiant to give in. Esther knows that too, so she has a plan to lay to waste everything they love, everything they hold dear, to strip them down until they are broken and begging for her help then she will give them exactly what they need.

Oh man! We hope Marcel doesn’t fall for any of Esther’s tricks since she made it seem like she was going to use him! Hopefully through Elijah mentoring Gia, Marcel and the Mikaelsons will stick together through whatever crazy crap Esther plans on doing next. We are also hoping Hayley and Elijah fix their dang relationship and admit how they truly feel for each other!! Even Klaus knows there’s something up and he doesn’t seem to mind. It’s hard to tell with Klaus sometimes though. But Elijah needs to stop acting like he doesn’t deserve to be happy because he friggin does!

The next episode includes Mikael and Davina so y’all know things are about to get even messier and crazier!!

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