Friday, November 14, 2014

#FanArtFriday: Disney Edition!

Since Annabell and company will be heading to Disney this week, we've decided to celebrate our LOVE and frankly, OBSESSION with all things Disney with some really AMAZING fanart *hehe*

Pocahontas and John Smith (via Athena on Digital Art)

Absolutely GORGEOUS piece! It's so intimate and soft. Would love to have this hanging on our walls!

Ariel (via Disney Fan Art)

We are HUGE fans of the Little Mermaid and this drawing of Ariel is STUNNING! We are TOTALLY in love with the pops of color and the transparent feel it gives off. It's so well detailed and reminds us of anime ;)

Disney themed Sailor Scouts (Sailor Moon) (via Disney Pop Art)

Eeeeep!! We LOVE LOVE LOVE Sailor Moon so to find fan art that merges our love for Disney AND one of our favorite shows growing up, we couldn't help but nerd out over it!!

Frozen themed Harry Potter (via Rebloggy)

We aren't 100% sure this is actually Harry Potter themed but it looks so close to HP school that we're just gonna go with it *hehe* LOVE LOVE LOVE the crossover between Disney and Harry Potter, especially considering our MASSIVE obsession with Harry Potter!! It's so cute to see the Frozen characters dressed in regular uniforms.

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