Thursday, May 14, 2015

#SonsOfOldTrilogy Week: Character Interview: Endymion, Prince of the Angel Kingdom

We got to sit down with one of our FAVORITE characters from inside the Sons of Old Trilogy world! Prince of the Angel Kingdom, Endymion. He's all muscles and power and has beautiful white wings and a bad boy charm we can't stay away from *hehe*

TeamNerd Reviews: What would you say makes you so swoon worthy to the ladies? What draws them to you (minus your gorgeous looks)?
Endymion: Well, despite the hype that surrounds me as a ladies man, I am not. I have my heart set only on one but I can understand women’s inability to keep from falling to their knees in worship. Outside of my Greek-god like features, my directness and ninja-like skills often make a few knees buckle *wink*
TeamNerd Reviews: How do you feel about having your life story on display for the world to read? Does it bother you that Annabell Cadiz wrote a trilogy depicting what happened to you, Zahara, Jason, Becca and the others?
Endymion: *shrugs* It’s not all that strange, really. The Supernatural Kingdoms have their own tabloids and gossip magazines and newspapers. As Prince to the Angel Kingdom and leader of the Regallian {Royal Guard}, I’m used to being written about and having various stories floating around about me whether they are true or not. Annabell did a magnificent job detailing not just my role in the battle against Lucifer during his second return but also the Faraday family and their allies. The entire cast trusted in her talent and skillset to tell the truth of what happened and she did not disappoint.
TeamNerd Reviews: What would you say people misunderstand about you the most that drives you crazy?
Endymion: I suppose people tend to assume that because I am powerful and blunt, I don’t have feelings or lack a gentle touch when necessary but that isn’t true. It comes in the right moments. I can be #TeamFeelings too *grins*
TeamNerd Reviews: If you weren’t in the middle of battling super powerful supernaturals and trying to take down a mega crazy fallen angel, what would a normal day look like for the Prince of the Angel Kingdom?
Endymion: Battling powerful supernaturals IS part of my normal routine *mischievous grin* but not as much as the Regallian. The great thing about having your own army of supernaturals is that you can take a step back and let them take on the battles. When I’m not chasing down supernaturals that need to be brought in, I handle the leaders of each of the kingdoms and the needs of the kingdoms—from training to armor to weaponry to educational needs to recruiting. But when I’m not busy with princely duties, I enjoy khaking, waterboarding, propelling into volcanoes, exploring caves, sand duning. Anything that may require I leave with a broken limb always seems to attract my attention.
TeamNerd Reviews: what’s one of your most embarrassing moments you’re willing to admit publicly (keep it, PG!)?
Endymion: I don’t really get embarrassed. I suppose that time when Zahara walked in on me naked. I’m not sure that counts though. I thought it was hilarious and I am more than happy to display the beauty I’ve been blessed with *devil-may-care-grin* Zahara was the one embarrassed.
TeamNerd Reviews: What’s something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t had the opportunity to yet?
Endymion: Time travel. I’d love to be able to time travel but that’s something only the archangels can do. I wouldn’t mind finding a way to trick one of them into it.
TeamNerd Reviews: What was your first impression when you met Zahara?
Endymion: *quiet for a few moments* She definitely reminded me of her family line. She looks like Nevaeh who was Margaret’s daughter and the love of my life. It took me a moment to look passed that. I thought Zahara was strong and capable. Two qualities that are very much apart of who she is.
TeamNerd Reviews: Random Questions Roundup:
If you could switch places with any superhero, who would you choose? That’s difficult. I very much enjoy the powerful gifts I possess. I wouldn’t mind switching with Thor. Controlling thunder does seem like it would have its perks.
Boxers, briefs or commando? Depends on what kind of shenanigans we’re getting into *devil-may-care-grin*
Favorite cuss word: It wouldn’t be appropriate for me to say it out loud in front of such beautiful ladies.
Favorite sound: The way Nevaeh whispers my name when she’s sleepy.
Favorite tattoo on your body: It’s not a tattoo necessarily but a scar. I think of it as a tattoo though. Nevaeh gave it to me. It runs from side to side of my rib cage. First time we trained together, she managed to catch me off guard for a split second. Even though I could let the scar heal, I never have. It's one of my favorite memories. 

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