Thursday, July 23, 2015

#IndieShoutoutThursday: Nikki Roman (The Saving Bailey Trilogy)

About the Author

Nikki Roman is a twenty-one year old college student and Novelist. She has been writing novels since she was fourteen and hopes to continue writing until the day she dies. Devouring a novel a day, Nikki's favorite authors include but are not limited to: Veronica Roth, Clive Cussler, Suzanne Collins, and Markus Zusak. Nikki self-published her first novel The Saving Bailey Trilogy 1: The Bullet List as an Ebook on Amazon at the age of twenty, and released the second part of the trilogy, The Saving Bailey Trilogy 2: Indigo, the following year. She is currently working on finishing Illumine the third and final book in The Saving Bailey Trilogy, and is excited to move on to a paranormal fantasy series this Fall.

When Nikki isn't writing or reading, she enjoys spending her time on Social Media sites such as Younow and Twitter. When she is away from the computer she works up on her archery skills and spends time with her two little sisters, teaching them how to create their own stories, in the hope that someday, they can all write books together.

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About the Series!

The Bullet List (The Saving Bailey Trilogy, #1)

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Synopsis: Miemah, Cecil, Nessa. I write in fancy cursive writing like that you would find on a tombstone, because to me this is their first official gravestone. This one piece of crumpled paper is more terrifying than a knife or gun. It is as if by writing their names down, I have already taken their lives.

I feel more normal and clear-headed than ever when I read over my Bullet List. I have used nothing but logic to create it, and what is more logical than abolishing the things that hurt you the most?

Bailey Sykes a fifteen year old high school sophomore is the prettiest girl at her school, but she soon discovers that looks aren’t everything. Backed into a corner by a school of teachers, and students turned against her, she finds herself desperately looking for a way out. Miemah Valdez a popular and vicious bully at surfside High, has tormented Bailey since elementary school, and will stop at nothing to destroy her. With no one to turn to but an abusive, alcoholic mother, Bailey is pushed to the edge. What will it take to pull Bailey out of the darkness she has spiraled into, and the torment she is combating with at school and at home? She figures that the only way to fight fire is with bullets. 

However, Bailey is left second guessing her plan of action when two people who will do anything to save her step into the picture, an old friend, and a new love interest. Both see something inside of Bailey that no one else can, a spirit that is crying out to be saved from the dark abyss it has been trapped in, the only problem is, both love her but only one can have her heart.

Indigo (The Saving Bailey Trilogy, #2)

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Synopsis: Six months ago sixteen-year-old Bailey Sykes wrote the Bullet List and brought her Mom's Walther to school to kill everyone on it. As a result her best-friend is behind bars, and she's stuck at the bottom of the bottle. As guilt and loss threaten to overwhelm her, Bailey sees only one out: kill Bailey Sykes and become someone else entirely.

Someone who is heartless. Someone without mercy, regrets or remorse. Someone who doesn't fear the dark but becomes it.

Someone named Indigo.

Illumine (The Saving Bailey Trilogy, #3)

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Synopsis: A dark secret. A promise that life never stops, it only pauses and stutters. A trampled rose and a lover’s heart.

The summer from hell has finally run its course—leaving behind a shaken, disturbed girl in its wake. As the storm rolling her way start’s to intensify; Bailey discovers that her dad is harboring secrets. But she has secrets of her own, and she will do anything to keep them, even if doing so might destroy her relationship with Clad. Upon the surfacing of repressed memories, and the spilling of a dark hidden past—Bailey loses herself. On a journey of rediscovery, she finds more questions than answers: who is Bailey Sykes?

Against all hope, I have fought the hardest battles, grieved the most agonizing of losses, and felt the sting of a thousand slaps across my face.

Seeking light— a light bright enough to illuminate the darkness that ensnares her— Bailey uncovers something much greater. A light more pure, more warm, and brighter than anything she could ever imagine. But will it be enough to save her?

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