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Guest Post: Why Write Paranormal? by Dawn Kirby

Why Write Paranormal?

Author Dawn Kirby opens up about why she loves the paranormal genre so much.

The thing I love about writing in the paranormal genre is the fact that there is so much a writer can do with it. Sure there are the usual myths. Vampires can’t see their reflections in mirrors. Werewolves are mindless creatures who, more often than not, run around looking like lumberjacks biting and eating everyone in sight. Neither of the above species ever gets along with each other…you know, that sort of thing. The truth is, a writer can take the basics and twist them into making their creatures be whatever they want them to be.

In my case, one of the things I did was give my vampires a heartbeat. Not one as strong as that of a human being of course, but one that beats just enough to keep the creature alive. Blood flow before and after the vampire feeds, to me anyway, would be necessary. Especially in those intimate moments. And I never could understand how something that could be killed could live without a beating heart. Immortality by definition means unending life. Something a vampire is not capable of possessing.  

Another thing I did was to make sure my werewolves weren’t mindless killers. There are a few bad eggs in the bunch, but for the most part my wolves embrace what they are. They enjoy the company of the pack and relish the runs they go on as a pack during the full moons. My shifters are the same. They are probably more in tune with nature than any other creature in my books.

The two also enjoy a symbiotic relationship. The werewolves or shifters, whichever the case may be, voluntarily or for a price, provide the vampires with a strong level of daytime security. In return the vampires provide them with whatever they need. Whether it be a job, a secure place to run or protection when they are too weak to care for themselves, it’s given freely and without question.      
The fact that you can give them any power you choose is pretty freeing as well. There are always the usual senses. Heightened sense of smell, amazing sight, hearing that allows one to detect the drop of a pin in the next room. But being able to give one certain character a specific power that is his or hers alone adds just a little bit more to the depth of that character’s personality.

Human beings are no different. They don’t necessarily have to have special powers to be an intricate part of the story. Normal, everyday people can sometimes add more complexity than the paranormal beings ever thought about bring to the table. Humans are used to seeing, touching and understanding everything in their world. You throw a vamp or a shifter at them and you never know how things are going to turn out.

About the Author: Dawn Kirby is a wife, mother and writer. She lives in West Texas with her husband and three children. Her daylight hours are filled with work, family, and kid duty. Her nights hours are filled with inspiration, mystery and intrigue.

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