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Interview: Character Interview with Lord Arkus (Lakeland Knight Series by Laura Lond)

Lord Arkus stops by to discuss what makes him such a fearsome villain, the truth about who really wrote the Lakeland Knight Series, and who's heart he'd drive a blade through if he had the chance.

Annabell: Why did you decide to become a villain as your chosen profession?

Lord Arkus: I had chosen this fine profession when, as a very young man, I had lost a close friend, and on top of that found myself accused of things I had not done. I figured it was not worth it to try to prove them all wrong -- and I enjoyed their fear of me. So I had embraced this path and proceeded to earn my reputation of a villain.

Annabell: What makes you such a fearsome villain?

Lord Arkus: I am serious about what I do and I’m good at it. I don’t act rashly, but I don’t waste time on cheap dramatic effects or gloating, either.  I know human weaknesses and take them into account. In short, it’s a combination of valuable traits.

Annabell: What was the first villain-like act you committed? How old were you?

Lord Arkus: It was something I had learned in my late teens, something I still use on occasion since it has proven to be a very effective intimidation tactic. I had turned all forests of a neighboring kingdom black. Every tree, every shrub, every leaf. Not by burning, no. Of course, I will not reveal the secret of how it’s being done.

Annabell: What are some of your favorite types of weapons?

Lord Arkus: I prefer longsword, I am also good with broadsword. Recently, I have learned to appreciate curved, pirate-style blades.

Annabell: What is the Villains League and how can someone become a member?

Lord Arkus: It’s an association of professional villains who have agreed to follow certain rules to make sure we all operate successfully and do not inconvenience each other. 
Sometimes villains’ goals and interests can clash, so the league helps to sort things out, without starting unnecessary wars. If business takes me to a foreign land and I encounter a local villain, the first thing I check is whether he or she is in the league. If they are, I know they will follow the rules (or answer before the league for breaking them). If they aren’t, it’s not that bad, either, because in that case I am relieved of the rules as well. I can just kill them and not worry about anything.

To become a member of the league one would have to have a proven record of success in the profession, certain ethics, and a recommendation of a respected member.

Annabell: How do you feel about Laura creating a few books following your story? Anything you wish she wouldn’t have placed within either My Sparkling Misfortune or My Royal Pain Quest?

Lord Arkus: Excuse me, but I wrote the books. Laura Lond has helped to make them available in your realm; that’s all. And for the record, I had no idea she’d put her name on the cover! It’s outrageous. I wanted to take rather strong measures at first, but then I decided to let it slide, somewhat, since she’s been assisting with interviews, helping to release my books as audiobooks, and other such things. So, to answer your question -- the books are written exactly the way I wanted them to be written.

Annabell: You and Jarvi have become very close. What are some of his qualities you like (that you’re willing to admit to)?

Lord Arkus: Well, I have to admit he’s a good friend. Yes, he still holds this silly notion to make me change my ways, so I can’t fully trust him with certain things, but overall, I know he’s got my back. He’ll never betray me; he’ll always do his best to help, if he can. Having a friend like that is a rarity, for a villain.

Annabell: Cassandra is a fierce and tough woman. Is that what attracted you about her when you met?

Lord Arkus: That, and her wit. I knew right away she would make a fun companion, and I was right about that.

Annabell: If you could have a few choice words with King Faradin, what would you say to him?

Lord Arkus: “Stop messing with me!!”

Annabell: Without giving away the ending to My Royal Pain Quest, you have a very special occasion coming up, are you nervous? How is the planning going?

Lord Arkus: I am in a difficult spot with that one. I am nervous, yes, and for a very good reason: I’ll have to reveal my true identity to a whole kingdom of idiots who think me a glorious hero. There’s no way around it, and let’s just say it’s not easy.

Just for Fun:

Least Favorite Person:

Lord Arkus: Am I limited to humans? If not, then it’s definitely Ragnar, the gormack. And if I have to pick a human, that would be Morgard.

Favorite Food:

Lord Arkus: Roasted wild boar and fried dragon eggs.

Horseback riding or flying?

Lord Arkus: Good old horseback riding. Flying has some undeniable advantages, but there’s also the serious drawback of the ten minutes time limit. Too easy to forget to watch the time.

Favorite Place to Go:

Lord Arkus: I like going to new places where people don’t know me.

If you could battle any villain, who would you choose and why?

Lord Arkus: I would so love to drive my blade through Ragnar’s heart -- or wherever his life force is. With all the trouble he’s given me, he deserves a good payback.

Annabell: BIG thank you to Lord Arkus for stopping by and giving me an inside glimpse to what life as a villain is like.

To learn more about Lord Arkus and his adventures, check out My Sparkling Misfortune and My Royal Pain Quest.

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