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Interview: Author Michaela Debelius (Decoy)

Author Michaela Debelius stops by TeamNerd to chat about her debut novel, Decoy, the sequel, and why we’re both obsessed with Team Taylor ;)

Bridget: I'm pretty obsessed with Decoy right now because it wasn't like most books I've been reading lately. So I have to know: Why aliens?

Michaela Debelius: First off, I’m humbled and downright excited to hear you’re “obsessed” with Decoy. That’s really flattering.

I’ve always had a fascination with aliens. The possibilities are limitless, and that kind of subject matter really lets a writer create their own world. Although Decoy is currently my sole novel, I know the plots for future books and aliens are a reoccurring element. I call myself a paranormal writer because it’s an umbrella term, one that covers a wide array of unusual topics. There are certainly paranormal aspects in my writing, but I’m starting to realize I may be more science fiction than anything. Of course in saying that, I’m not hardcore sci-fi either. There are no hard and fast rules for these genres, I’ve found the lines often blur, so I feel paranormal is the best fit at this time.

Bridget: What was your drive behind this book and how long did it take you to write it?

Michaela Debelius: I initially wanted to write something that I myself would want to read. I didn’t have a clear outline of where the story was going, but I knew Noel as a character. The story developed around her, not vice versa.

I hate to admit it, but it took me over two years to complete Decoy. For a good part of the time I had a full-time job, and the entire process was a major learning curve for me. I’m one of those people that assembles the bookshelf without reading the directions. A lot of times that works for me, here it didn’t. I took a writing course, learned how to better articulate my ideas, and finished Decoy

Bridget: You left Noel in a pretty intense moment at the end of Decoy. Is there going to be a book two and if so, what can your fans expect?

Michaela Debelius: There’s definitely a sequel. I’m not sure how long this series will run, but there’s at least a second! The reader can expect a fast pace similar to Decoy. There’s going to be a closer look at Noel’s life and the people around her. New characters will be introduced and, as with any good novel, someone’s going to get tortured. Figuratively speaking, of course. Well . . . maybe.  

My next release is an unrelated novel. The sequel to Decoy is projected for spring of 2013.

Bridget: Why did you have Noel choose Killian when she clearly should have chosen Taylor? (just saying!)

Michaela Debelius: Ha! This one made me laugh. Noel’s connection with Killian was instant, and there’s just no turning back from a man like him! It will be interesting to see where you stand after the sequel.

Bridget: Obviously I'm Team Taylor! What are you? Team Taylor or Team Killian?

Michaela Debelius: I’m Team Taylor as well. Killian is sexy, but it’s difficult, even for Noel, to really understand what he’s thinking. I like that about him. He’s mysterious, diplomatic, and always composed, even in the direst of situations. But that’s not to say he’s detached. He’s genuine, and he cares deeply for Noel.

Taylor, on the other hand, is much more buoyant. He’s charming and funny, the type of person you can feel comfortable around. I really enjoy his character. Plus, I’m a sucker for the underdog!

Bridget: Thank you to Author Michaela Debelius for stopping by our nerdalicious blog and giving us a glimpse into her approach for Decoy. Team Taylor all the way! *hehe*

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