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Interview: Author Robin Burks (Zeus, Inc.)

Bridget chats with Indie author Robin Burks about her debut novel, Zeus, Inc. Burks discusses her absoulte love for all things Greek mythology related, which powers she would steal if she could from one of the gods, and gives an inside look as to the direction she'll be taking book two.

Bridget: What draws you to Greek mythology? What do you love about the gods of Mount Olympus?

Robin Burks: I took a course on Greek mythology in college. In fact, the professor in the book is based on my actual professor in that class. It sparked an interest that I never fully could shake. I love the personalities of the gods. They're so over-dramatic, obviously increased versions of us, the mere humans. And the drama! There was always so much drama in the Greek stories.

Bridget: If put in the same position as Alex was, how would you have handled finding out that the Greek gods are real?

Robin Burks: Alex is actually based on a braver and tougher version of myself. I think I might have been quicker to accept Greek gods because I think I would want to believe. Alex had that issue of not really wanting to believe, but she had no choice as it was thrown in her face.

Bridget: Who is your favorite Greek god and why?

Robin Burks: Oh, that's a good question. I'd have to go with Athena. I've always envisioned her to be the most intelligent of the gods and she's the one that seems to be the most level-headed.

Bridget: I liked how Mr. Brentwood drinks Zeus's tears and steals his powers. If you could do the same, who's powers would you choose?

Robin Burks: I think I'd have to go with Zeus, too. Being the father of the gods, I'm imagining there's not much he couldn't do. And throwing around lightning bolts would be a nice skill to have. Plus, if there was a way to harness that energy (as I wrote about in the book), that really would help save the world from its reliance on limited resources.

Bridget: The ending of the book brings a vampire to Alex's office asking for help. What kind of adventures is Alex going to experience in book two?

Robin Burks: I'm already researching the Greek idea of the vrykalakas, which is their version of the vampire. I have always wanted to write a vampire story, but it's been done to death (no pun intended). But I haven't read much from the Greek mythological point of view, so I still want to pursue that in the next Alex Grosjean book.

Bridget: What was your favorite part about writing Alex's story?

Robin Burks: My favorite part about writing the story was those moments that just came to me and I just typed mindlessly. In particular, I'm thinking of the scene where Alex visits Hades and Charon is singing that song. I had researched some old poems about Hades and I took that research and wrote a song about it. I love that scene - it's the one that I love the most when I think about Zeus, Inc.

Bridget: What was your inspiration for Zeus Inc.?

Robin Burks: I had a dream one night and it was about a world powered by the gods. And that was the basis for Zeus, Inc. From there, I typed up several different first chapters, but somehow thought that the lead character should be a detective.

Bridget: Are any of your characters based on anyone in your life?

Robin Burks: Alex is a rougher version of myself. Much of her back story comes from my own life. I do live with my elderly mother and help take care of her and I lost my father when I was a teenager, just like Alex. I also have a big black cat named Karma, who appears in the novel. Aleisha is based on a relative of mine, someone I would also go to the ends of the earth for if she were in trouble.

Bridget: Thank you to Robin Burks for stopping by TeamNerd and the fun interview!

Find out more info on the author and her books on her site.

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