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Book Review: Desires Revealed by Rebeka Harrington

Desires Revealed

Author: Rebeka Harrington

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Warning: Book for ages 18+

Synopsis: Escape from the religious war leads Nicole and her family to the most unlikely rescuer, a vampire. Nicole discovers love and a new life, but finds herself inexplicably drawn in to a private war between her protector and an extremist faction of vampires.

The deeper she gets involved in the vampire world the higher the price she will have to pay to obtain her desires.

Rejoin “Vampires Revealed” narrator Bektamun, in Paris 1572, at the height of the religous war between Catholics and Hugeunots, the day of the St Bartholomew’s Massacre. Discover the story behind her rescue of the Gervais family. How Nicole became her Avetser and was made vampire. Desires Revealed will also introduce you to Oskar, leader of the Eleiveb.

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Review: A vampire story like you've never read before.

Desires Revealed is told from the points of view of Nicole and Bek. It’s 1572, Nicole and her family run through the street of France from an angry religious mob trying to eliminate the Huguenots and find refuge and safety in the home of the very powerful vampire Bektamun. Bek, who is cautious at first, takes in the Gervais family. Offerers them  food, a home, protection and anything else they would need.

Bek is almost instantly taken with the young and ever so curious Nicole. From they're very first encounter, Nicole isn't afraid of Bek even though she knows what Bek is. Over the years, as Bek nurtures Nicole in her loving arms, Nicole and Bek build an incredible bond.  Bek knows that loving a human (or several humans) is pointless because they have such short life spans, but through the Gervais family, she learns to love. She learns just how powerful her love is and how far she will go to protect her new family when they're lives are threatend by an old foe.

For me, this story was a straight shot and almost a little too predictable and repetitive at times. Though, there were a few things that did surprise me. Not having read the first novel in this series, I was not aware of Nicole and Bek's relationship, so when I read that Bek was starting to develop romantic feelings for a then, fifteen year old Nicole and that Nicole was also expierencing the same feelings for Bek,  I was a wee bit shocked. It just seemed out of place that in the previous chapter Bek is showing Nicole something related to motherly affection then in the next, Bek is sexually attracted to her. I'm not in anyway against same sex couplings but this felt wrong and uncomfortable.

I also had a hard time with the torture scene. It pained me to read about Nicole being brutilized the way that she did. Nicole was sliced, burned, beatend and at one point the author describes how the “Pear of Anguish had torn through her virginity and was ripping her apart.” That was just too much. The scene came off too much like a brutalized rape and content of that nature I DO NOT like to read. I didn’t see the need for the scene either.

However,  there were some minor good points to the book. Michael, with all his hottness, wit, and willingness to do what ever it took to make his make Bek happy. I just simply loved him. And then there was Oskar. Though he was probably one of the most evil villains I have ever read,  to the point I actually got a little nervous to read the next page, he was well developed enough for me to appriciate Harrington's writting skills.

Desires Revealed is not a book I recommend reading for those under the age of eighteen and if you choose to read the book be aware the content contains rape like scenes, sensuality, and torture.

This wasn’t a book I enjoyed, especially given the fact that the author did not let me in on the content beforehand.

I wish her the best of luck with her future novels but I will most likely not be reading anymore of Nicole or Bek.

Author Bio: Raised in country Victoria, Rebeka started her writing career working for the local newspaper as a teenager. While she decided not to pursue this as a career, she has always enjoyed writing and being creative.

With so many varied interests and eccletic taste in most things, Rebeka enjoys incorporating all of them in her writing. She particularly enjoys writing about vampires.

Rebeka seeks to define and explain vampires in a way not done before. This was achieved with her debut title "Vampires Revealed". Following titles revolve around exploring the world and characters created in her first release.

Currently Rebeka lives in Melbourne with her “demented” but lovable cat, dividing her time between writing and managing a small boutique entertainment agency.

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