Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Launch Tour: Rockin' Style from LUCIFER (Sons of Old Trilogy)

In continuing with our celebration of the upcoming release of LUCIFER, we're diving into the fun fashions of the two female leads: Zahara and Becca. They both have really great, bold, fiesty senses of style. Bridget came up with some really awesome outfits she imagines Zahara and Becca would wear. Whether just hanging out or out hunting rogues, Zahara and Becca always manage to look killer hot! *hehe*

Zahara's Outfit

Bridget's Thoughts: "This is a good dressy outfit for Z. The skirt screams Z and the color top is to match her hair. The sandals and necklace are super cute too!!"

Annabell's Thoughts: "SUPER CUTE OUTFIT! I would LOVE to wear the skirt and gold sandals!! Zar would wear this out on a date with Bryan *hehe*"

Zahara dressy

Becca's Outfit

Bridget's Thoughts: "I looooved the sweater and leggings. I thought about when Zahara and Becca go and hunt behind their parent's back and I saw Becca wearing her hair braided to keep it out of the way and big nerd glasses as a disguise LOL then I saw the cross ring and LOVED it!"

Annabell's Thoughts: "TOTALLY in LOVE with the Nerd sweater and SO something Becca would wear! The neon green nerd glasses she would have a giggle fit over and the bracelet. The black chuck Taylors are perfect! I love this outfit for Becks!"

Becca's Style

Pink shirt
$36 -

$35 -

Neon jewelry

Silver ring
$19 -

$7.91 -

Zahara's Hunting Outfit

Bridget's Thoughts: "I assume that if Z is hunting, she would try to cover up as much skin as possible so I gave her and Becca sweaters. But I love this outfit and would totes wear it myself! And the iphone case is for our love of boys with english accents =)"

Annabell's Thoughts: "LOOOOOOVE!!! This is SO Zar and SO me! *hehe* The phone case is a MUST! We gotta show our love for the English boys we adore *wink* Orange is both Zar and my favorite color so definite must. She would see painting her nails orange as war paint *hehe*"

Zahar's hunting gear

Heart shirt
$28 -

Acne jeans
$255 -

Converse shoes
$87 -

Miss Selfridge cross necklace

Accessorize tech accessory

Opi nail lacquer
$25 -

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