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Launch Tour: Lucifer (Sons of Old Trilogy: Interview: Author Annabell Cadiz

Annabell and Bridget sit down to chat about the upcoming release of Annabell's debut novel, LUCIFER, THIS Thursday. Find out where the concept of LUCIFER began, who inspired the two main female leads, Zahara and Becca, which character Annabell would go on a date with and what readers can expect in MICHAEL, the second book in the Sons of Old Trilogy.

Bridget: Tell us a little about your writing process. Did the concept of LUCIFER come first or the characters?

Annabell Cadiz: For LUCIFER the concept came first. I had originally written the first book in the Fallen Angels Series (the series that comes after the Sons of Old Trilogy) with never having any intention to write a prequel series. But after having written the second book and half of the third to the Fallen Angels Series, I decided to take a step back. I started thinking about telling the story that happened before the Fallen Angels Series. I was wondering how Lucifer would be able to have a child. Would he convince a woman to love him or would he force a woman to have his child? Would he really fall in love or only pretend to be? Would love change him or would he still only care about revenge against Heaven? Since I wanted to know how Lucifer would come to have a child, I decided to write the story down and it turned into a trilogy.

As for my writing process, I usually start with a basic plot line then figure out character names which help build the characters personalities then I extend the plot. It really all depends on where the inspiration for a character or plot idea comes from. I can build an entire scene on good a piece of dialogue I heard from real life and build a plot through there.

Bridget: What surprised you the most about writing LUCIFER?

Annabell: I was surprised by the addition of a few of the characters. Solomon and Mia—Zahara’s parents, Adam and Ariel—Becca’s parents, Jason—a Nephilim, and Dustin—a Cadtellus. I hadn’t really expected to have these characters become such an intricate part to the story as they ended up playing. I knew I wanted Zahara’s and Becca’s parents to be present (I HATE the absentee parent syndrome that plagues the YA genre), but they took center stage as much as the girls did, which turned out to be great fun.

Bridget: What kind of research was needed for LUCIFER?

Annabell: I read a lot of pieces on Lucifer’s great rebellion from Heaven and theories as to why he committed the act. I also looked up names of fallen angels and angels and the story behind the Nephilim, the half-breed children of angels and human women. The Book of Genesis tells some of the story but not much. I found this book entitled Fallen Angels and the Origin of Evil that I read for Fallen Angels Series, but it helped in getting a good feel for Lucifer and the rebellion better.

Bridget: Are any of your characters based on people from your personal life?

Annabell: Well, funny you should ask that, Bridge *wink wink* Zahara and Becca are a mixture of myself and my best friends, Bridget and Eve (to a certain extent anyway). I hadn’t done that intentionally, at least, not fully intentionally. But it couldn’t be helped with how close Zahara and Becca are. I think best friends everywhere will be able to relate to them. Zahara is serious, impulsive, a bit short tempered (much like her father Solomon), and a bit controlling. But she’s also loyal, brave, honest, and strong-willed. Becca is more laid back. She’s bubbly and funny and in love with the idea of love. She has a big heart and supports Zahara through everything (as Zahara supports her). But Becca trusts too quickly and doesn’t question things as much as she should. Zahara and Becca balance each other well, the same way my best buds balance me out *hehe*

Bridget: Of all of your character, who was the most fun to write?

Annabell: Oh man, that’s a hard question! I’m gonna have to give the standard, boring answer of “It’s just too hard to choose!” Sorry, but Solomon and Becca kept me laughing, Zahara kicked some major butt, Rekesh was just so suave—they were each fun to write and kept me very entertained.

Bridget: If you could go on a blind date with any of your characters, who would it be?

Annabell: AHAHAHAHA! BEST QUESTION EVAH! I would love to go on a date with Rekesh. I mean Bryan is the down to earth, sweet, boy next door type of guy with a dangerous streak to him, but Rekesh is just so calm and collected. He’s got an edge to him that he tries to keep well-hidden, but when you go against him or his coven (or Becca) he’ll take you down! Plus, I love the way he dresses. Even when fighting some crazy battle with supernaturals he still looks sharp and polished.

Bridget: Why was it so important for Zahara and Becca to have such close relationships with their parents?

Annabell: Like I’ve stated above, I hate the absentee parent syndrome, which often seems to be done more out of convenience than anything else. I always wondered where the parents are while their children are off fighting some supernatural creature and sneaking out. I mean I know parents can sometimes be oblivious to the actions of their kids, but to not pay any attention to their kids or to act like it’s fine and dandy their kids are breaking all the rules or disrespecting them or out partying till the sun comes up, made no sense to me.
Every child’s identity is forged in part by their parents—whether it’s a single-parent household or a two parent household or step-parents household or a no parent household—every kid’s identity starts with who they grow up with and who acts as his/her first authority figure. I thought it was important to show the nature of the parent/child relationship and how VITAL that relationship is.

Zahara and Becca don’t just brush their parents off because they know their parents really do love and care for them and would do anything for them. Yeah, they lie to their parents and make stupid decisions like any normal person, but they know they can always go back home, no matter what.

Bridget: How important was it for you to write strong female characters, instead of ones who needed rescuing all the time?

Annabell: Another fab question! I grew up with REALLY strong women in my life—my mother, my grandmother, and my aunt. They taught me how important it was to define myself, to speak my mind, to stand for what is right even if I’m the only one who does, to not be a victim to circumstance but an overcomer. But life also taught me how important it is to be able to be open and vulnerable, to be okay with asking for help, and letting go of the need to control (a lesson I’m still learning). I needed characters that fit a mixture of vulnerability and heart.

I don’t have a problem with being rescued. I think there are times in all our lives we face helplessness on some level or difficulty, and need a helping hand, but sometimes it’s important that we become the heroes of our own stories because, in the end, we are the ones that have to determine our fate.

Zahara and Becca and Mia and Catalina are all women who are flawed but strong. They don’t always make the right decisions or say the right things or act the right way, but they understand that strength isn’t about being perfect.

Bridget: The end battle scene is pretty epic and a big game changer, how did you get into the right mood for a scene like that?

Annabell: I LOVE me some action scenes! *hehe* I love action movies and fight scenes are my favorite. I could probably blame growing up with my older brother, his friends, and my dad for that. Writing action scenes, especially big battle scenes, just demands I concentrate more because I’ll get too excited. Depending on where I am when I start writing the scene or planning the scene, depends on how I’ll get in the mood for it. Most of the time, I just sit and write. Sometimes the TV is on in the background, maybe I’ll put on Criminal Minds, or music like Family Force 5 or Flyleaf. But honestly, I just sit down and write. Writing is a discipline; you have to write even if you’re not in the “mood” to, because waiting for that right mood, means you could never finish that book or story you started.

Bridget: Five words that best describes Lucifer.

Annabell: Action-packed, humorous, dangerous, dark, fast-paced.

Bridget: If you met a real life angel, what would your first reaction be?

Annabell: Actually, when I was a child I met an angel. Not everyone believes this story, some just think it’s the imagination of a child, but I’m sticking to my guns.

 When I was a kid and my grandparents came out from Puerto Rico, my brother, little sister and I had to share a room together for the time they were here. I didn’t like sleeping in the dark but my brother did, so we didn’t put on the nightlight. I also happen to watch too many X-File episodes and horror movies so the dark freaked me out! I got scared; thinking something bad was going to come into the room from outside because I heard a noise from the window. I was taught when you get scared you can pray to God and everything will be okay, so that’s just what I did. But I kept feeling scared and checking outside the window for some scary bad guy. Then I heard my name being whispered, which only freaked me out more. But then I saw a red net had formed around the bed I was sleeping on and two angels were standing on either side. One of them whispered for me to go to sleep, that everything was going to be okay, and next thing I knew I had fallen asleep. My reaction to meeting those angels? I thought it was awesome the next day. In the moment, all I could remember was feeling peace and sleepy.

Bridget: What is an Imago?

Annabell: I-ma-go /iˈmāgō/: Image or Reflection.

During the day, an Imago looks as normal as any human being, except they can move ten times faster than a human and have ten times more strength. At night their skin turns to silver due to their connection to the moon (the moon controls the tide of the oceans). Imagoes were born of a mermaid and a fallen angel named Kutiel. They fell in love and the children they formed, the Imagoes, inherited the power to control the element of water because of the mermaid’s connection to the water.

Bridget: What songs did you listen to while writing LUCIFER?

Annabell: Hmm, from what I can remember (because I don’t listen to music all the time. Sometimes the TV is blaring off in the background or my family is):

Family Force 5
Can You Feel It
Get On Outta Here

Rolling in the Deep
Set Fire to the Rain

Paper Tongues
Get Higher
For the People

King and Country
Proof of Your Love
Busted Heart

Civil Wars
Barton Hollow
My Father's Father

Bridget: What do you want people to take away from reading LUCIFER?

Annabell: I never know how to answer questions like these . . . I would say to remember that just because a face looks pretty, doesn’t mean it’s not a really good mask. LUCIFER is all about deception and its many forms. Pretty words that ring false. Promises that aren’t real. Hate disguised as love. The better you know yourself, the better you can stand your ground and the better you can really see someone. Just be cautious with who you trust and how fast you trust. There’s nothing wrong with being slow and steady.

Bridget: Can you give us a little taste of what is to come in MICHAEL, the second book in the Sons of Old Trilogy?

Annabell: Hmm . . . what can I give away without actually giving away anything =P . . . In MICHAEL, someone returns to Rekesh’s life that he isn’t all too happy to see and this someone brings some SERIOUS trouble that will affect the entire group. Lucifer is continuing with his plans, which not only brings problems to the Faraday family, but to Rekesh’s coven as well, deadly problems. Lucifer is also reunited with a long lost brother he hadn’t anticipated seeing until his plans were complete, which throws a BIG wrench in his plans for Zahara. And of course there will be mucho action, flirt-fighting romance, few new characters, and murder. After all, Lucifer isn’t going down without a fight and he has no problem taking out who he needs to ;)

Bridget: To learn more about the characters from the Sons of Old Trilogy and get behind the scenes scoop, check out the author's site. You can also add LUCIFER on Goodreads!

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