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Launch Tour: Character Interviews: Zahara Faraday + Becca King from Lucifer (Sons of Old Trilogy,#1)

The Secret Life of Two Best Friends

Stacy Wolfe from Paranormal Obsessed Magazine sits down with Zahara Faraday and Becca King. 

Two best friends, two strong women, one crazy job!

“Do you think this skirt makes my hips look wide?” Becca whispers to Zahara, who standing beside her, as a mic is placed on her for the interview.

Zahara runs her eyes over Becca’s chosen outfit for the day: a loose, pink off the shoulder tank top layered over a plain white one and a leopard tulle skirt with leopard-printed stiletto heels. She has her strawberry-blonde hair pulled back in a high ponytail and her face painted in tones of natural makeup.

“You look like you belong in a 80s music video with Madonna,” Zahara jokes and smirks.
Becca smiles happily. “Yes! That’s where I drew my inspiration from.” Her smile turns into a frown. “But do my hips look wide because of the skirt?”

Zahara rolls her eyes. “No, if anything you need to put some fat on those narrow hips.”
Becca snorted. “You’re one to talk,” she commented as she ran her eyes over Zahara’s frame.

Zahara has dressed in a dolman-sleeve, white lace top over a pair of purple and orange tie-dyed skinny jeans and orange flats. Her mass of fiery red bounced in a sea of curls down her back and the only makeup she had on was pink lip gloss.

“We’re ready to go girls!” I motion with my hand for them to sit down across from me on the leather red couches.

We’re taken refuge in my house for the afternoon, inside my living room made up of modern-style furniture: three leather couches, metal coffee table with a glass top placed over a plush crimson rug and two tall lamps standing against the wall.

Stacy Wolfe: Tell us about yourself ladies.

Zahara clears her throat and smiles, absentmindedly tapping the fingers of her right hand against her thigh as she answered.

“Well, I’m eighteen years old and I was born in Broward, Florida. I’m set to start my first year of college in close to two months and I’ll be majoring in Psychology, which when you think about my family, is ironic. I am an only child, love eating sweets, and I’m a vegetarian. I collect books, pens, sneakers, and pictures of trees. I love how something can start off as small as a seed and grow to touch the sky. I’m pretty good at hand to hand combat with a dagger but better with a bow and arrow.” She finishes with a shrug and a sheepish smile.

Becca nods in agreement and slaps a hand on Zahar’s shoulder, adding, “Totally a thug with that bow and arrow! As for all things Becca King, I’m also eighteen years old and I was also born in Broward, Florida. I’m set to start college in a month and half as well but I’ll be majoring in Fashion Design and attending Ft. Lauderdale Art Institute. I LOVE dressing up! Funny enough, I got it from my dad. He used to love dressing me up in the craziest outfits when I was growing up but mom let him. It was our father/daughter bonding time, she’s say and I fell in love with designing clothes ever since. I’m also an only child, love eating chocolate or cake, and am a proud carnivore. I collect fluffy socks, earrings , shoes and hats.” She adjusts the black fedora she’s wearing to the right and smiles satisfactorily.

Stacey Wolfe: Zahara, what was it like growing up in a family mixed with Light Witches? And Becca, what was it like growing up knowing the truth behind your best friend’s family?

Zahara: “It’s definitely weird and crazy. My mom and aunt are Light Witches, which means they can manipulate the elements but only to a certain extent. They can conjure protective shields and heal wounds. But magic takes a lot of energy so they have to be careful with how much magic they use. They also train in hand to hand combat and weaponry so they don’t have to use magic as much. I liked growing up with magic. It made me feel like anything was possible.

But I was also jealous though. I was born without magical genes which had its moments of suckage. I mean what kid wouldn’t be excited to have powers?! It would have been so cool to get homework done within seconds and my chores.”

Becca: “Oh I would so love to have magical powers to take care of my chores, especially to clean my room! I’d get buried alive if my mom didn’t keep on me to keep it clean.”
Zahara: “That’s because if she didn’t keep it clean we’d get eaten alive by tulle, fabrics, and punctured by tons of needles.”

Stacy Wolfe: “Sounds like a painful death.”

Becca grins. “Back to your question! Growing up with Zar and her family was like growing up inside of Disney World, if everything was real. Mia and Catalina would make our pillows fly around the room or have our shoes tap dance while we danced around the room or build us a fort out of tree roots. We had a lot of fun. My parents knew about Zar’s family and what they did, but they were cool with it after some time passed.”

Zahara: “More like after my mom and aunt had to show them their powers and Becks parents had to separate themselves from us for a couple of months. I could only talk to Becca on the phone and see her at school. But you couldn’t blame them. I would have thought I was losing my mind, too.”

Stacy Wolfe: “What made your parents finally come around?”

Becca: “I stop speaking to them for weeks and my dad cracked first. I wasn’t going to stop being best friends with Zar, we’ve known each other since preschool, so they decided to talk to Zar’s parents. They’re were cool with everything because Zar didn’t hunt (at least not then) and so we’d just hang out at school or home or work like normal teenage girls.”

Stacey Wolfe: Zahara, how did your family get into the business of chasing rogue supernaturals?

My parents got involved with the Royal Court long before I was born. The Royal Court are the special guards that protect the secret of the Supernatural Kingdoms—the Celeste Kingdom (Imagoes), the Angel Kingdom (Nephilim), the Accalia Kingdom (Cadtellus), the Faylinn (Fairies and goblins), and the Draco Kingdom (Dragons)—and the kings and queens that run them. Since there is such a high number of rogue supernaturals—supernaturals who were exiled from their kingdoms because they committed some kind of crime against their kingdom, or were born outside of the supernatural kingdom and choose to remain unclaimed (supernaturals who do not register with their kingdom and be recognized as a member)—the Royal Court enlisted the help of some of the supernatural covens that live outside of the kingdoms. It may seem crazy since supernaturals can be unpredictable but it’s necessary. There are just too many for them to keep track of alone.

Stacey Wolfe: Becca, how do you feel hunting down rogues? Do you go with Zahara and her family often?

Becca: “I hate hunting. I mean it sounds cool: you get to train and shoot arrows and learn how to use daggers and guns, but all that stuff can be super scary. And when you’re face to face with a supernatural, it’s a whole other ballgame. I so rather be at home making out with my boyfriend. Plus, all that sweating and near death experience isn’t exactly on my list of favorite things to do.

Well, like I said, me and Zar didn’t use to hunt. We recently just started because we didn’t really have a choice, but I’m looking forward to getting back to a normal life.”

Stacey Wolfe: Fun Question time!

Favorite Word
Zahara: Threaten
Becca: Sugar!

What is one word that best describes you?
Zahara: Strong-willed
Becca: Fashionista

Favorite Meal
Zahara: Vegetarian spaghetti
Becca: Cheese pizza

Favorite Song at the Moment
Zahara: Middle of Your Heart by King and Country
Becca: Not for Sale by The Museum 

Discover more about Sons of Old Trilogy from Favorites Monday and author's website. You can also add LUCIFER to your Goodreads shelf!

Note: Stacey Wolfe is a fictional interviewer and Paranormal Obsessed is a fictional magazine  The author made them up for the purpose of this interview.

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