Monday, February 4, 2013

Favorites Monday: Sweet Tooth!

Here at TeamNerd Reviews, we LOVE ourselves some tasty goodies! Whether its candy or something dripping chocolate covered goodness, here's a list of sweets we can't just get enough of!

Top 5 Favorite Candy Bars

1. Snickers --Milk, Cocoa powder, caramel, marshmallows, and peanuts *Yum*

2. Twix --Milk chocolate, sugar, cocoa butter, and caramel *licks lips*

3. Mr. Goodbar --Milk chocolate and peanuts *Annabell cannot get enough of it!*

4. Kit Kat Bars -- Chocolate covered wafer *Bridget's love*

5. Reese's --Peanut butter cup wrapped in chocolate *LOVE!*

Top 5 Favorite Desserts

Top 5 Favorite Hand Candies

1. Red Vines

2. Chocolate Covered Almonds

3. Rasinets

4. Gummy Bears

5. Nerds

Top 5 Favorite Books With Good Food/Desserts

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