Friday, February 1, 2013

Launch Tour: Rockin Style 2: Hawt Male Characters from Sons of Old Trilogy

In the SONS OF OLD TRILOGY, the girls aren't the only ones with great fashion sense, the boys prove they are just as stylistic. Some are polished while others are eccentric and bright, but every one of the hawt male leads from SONS OF OLD TRILOGY rock their own individual style with charm, sexyness, and edge ;)

Bryan Hamilton

Mini-Description: Stands at six feet even with a mess of golden brown hair and crystal blue eyes inside an oval shaped face. He has a defined jaw and long eyelashes.

Annabell: I picked this outfit for him because it just seems so Bryan. He's down to earth and sweet. He's the total hawt boy next door with a little edge to him that makes a girl unable to keep from swooning whenever he's around *teehee* I LOVE the hightops and the leather jacket!

Bridget: Bryan for me, the typical guy you just help but stare after. This outfit is perfect for him. I love the 'Will Run For Food' T-shirt the most!

Mini: Description: Stands at six feet two inches in height with long limbs that glow silver when touched by the moonlight. He has a head full of thick dark brown hair and chocolate colored eyes set a diamond shaped face with angular cheekbones and full lips. 

Annabell: I LOVE the way Rekesh dresses! He's just so hawt already but add in the polished and sophisticated outfits and the suaveness *drool* I love everything in this outfit, especially the sunglasses.

Bridget:Rekesh is one of my favorite characters from LUCIFER. Part of that reason, is the way he dresses and presents himself. He could be going on a date, the grocery story, or fighting off a group of Imagos and still look perfectly polished, like he just walked out of a board meeting.

Mini- Description: Stands at five feet ten inches with forest-green colored eyes, a blue Mohawk, and pierced ears. He is Rekesh's second in command.

Annabell: Leanian is also a fun character to dress. He is comfortable wearing crazy colors and expressing himself without a single care in the world as to what anyone else thinks of him. He's the silent type which as an Imago is definitely a scarier element to his character. LOVE his blue mohawk! Such a big part of what makes his character him. The shirt is SO something Leanian would say!

Bridget: Leanian is my guilty pleasure! I am absolutely in LOVE with Leanian's outrageous style. How can you say 'no' to a hottie with a blue Mohawk?


Converse shoes

Cross earrings

Monkee Genes Coloured Skinny Jeans
$32 -


Mini-Description: Stands at six feet four inches with a body made of bulging muscles, eyes the color of a rainstorm and head full of spiky black hair.

Annabell: Chamuel is another eccentric dresser. He definitely loves the attention it gets him and rocks his own quirky style. He's so cool about it, you can't help but want to dress just like him and be apart of his club! I am OBSESSED with the sunglasses!!! And the shirt is just SOOOO Chamuel and the neon pants are very fitting for his chill attitude.

Bridget: *Fans self* umm.. yea, the only thing I could say here, is Chamuel can kidnapp and whisk me away any day! From the very beginning, I have been Team Chamuel and now you guys can see why *wink*

Mini-Description: Stands at six feet in height with lush, blond hair, chestnut-colored eyes set in an oval-shaped face and high cheekbones, and has a slight slant to his nose.

Annabell: Solomon is just AWESOME! He's such a great dad to Zahara and a great husband to Mia. I love the relationship he has with Zar. But Solomon is also hardheaded and quick to lose his temper which can make him funny *hehe* This outfit is Solomon's laid back outfit for when he's with the family or hanging out with the boys. He's a young dad who's hot ;)

Bridget: Solomon is the perfect example of 'The Cool Dad'. I love men who dress how they feel, not by their age. He is a hawt dad and I think this outfit showcases that perfectly.

Mini-Description: Stands at five feet eleven inches with dark brown hair, lovely brown eyes inside an oval-shaped face and has a straight nose.

Annabell: Adam is Becca's father and he's a great dad, too. He loves hi daughter and his wife (Ariel) like nothing else on earth. He's also the reason Becca has her crazy, fun fashion sense. Adam dresses so outlandishly but it fits his personality. He dresses the way he feels and how he wants to express himself and doesn't worry about other people's opinions. This is a more reserved look for Adam. Maybe for when he'd go to work or out to dinner with the family. He'd totally rock this outfit!

Bridget: This is the perfect outfit for Adam. I love the dressy casual look and the boots are a great way to say, "I'm a cool dad, get over it."

Adam King

Brogue boots
$3.16 -

A X Armani Exchange chronograph watch
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Olymp Formal shirt
$66 -

Fabergé fragrance

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