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Book Review: Midway Between Heaven and Hell (Short Story) by S.C. Barrus

Midway Between Heaven and Hell (Short Story)

Author: S.C. Barrus

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Synopsis: Suspense, Love, Murder, Revenge. An elegant dinner party is thrown, the guests blackmailed, the host absent.

The mysterious host has gathered together all those whom have wronged him in his life with the intent of seeking his revenge. But the suspicious young man in the worn tweed jacket anxiously fingers a gun in his pocket, waiting for the host to arrive.

Review: It’s quite ironic how often I wind up reading short stories despite the fact that I don’t usually like them. I suppose it’s because on rare occasion I actually discover a story that manages to make me believe in the power of a short story again. Midway Between Heaven and Hell was beautifully done!

The synopsis is pretty straight forward about what the story contains. Revenge is the theme and death is the price for the crossing the Host of the party. Every guest in some way has committed an unforgiveable act against the Host and he’s invited them to a lavish dinner party to redeem them of their sins the way he sees fit.

As a fan of all things dark and revenge-y, I was instantly hooked based on the synopsis and once I jumped in, I pretty much fell in love with the story. The mood, the language, the taunt atmosphere riddled with fear—everything flowed very nicely. Even though the Host name is never discovered, I liked him. He was brutal, honest, and broken mess hidden behind a beautiful mask. Bobbie Flanagan, the boy who did the most wrong to the Host, had some cojones on him. He may have been terrified out of his mind and what he did to the Host was definitely wrong, but he came to the dinner ready to face his sins and there’s a respect I can give to him for that. The world building managed to come through to a good degree despite the story being so short. Since the story mainly focused on the Host and Bobbie Flanagan, the characterization was more pronounced on them than anyone else. It felt a bit rushed but that isn’t surprising considering the author only had so many pages to showcase them.

Midway Between Heaven and Hell has a bit of an Edgar Allen Poe edge and definitely a story that showcases great talent.

Looking forward to discovering more by S.C. Barrus in the future!

About the Author: S.C. Barrus writes strange and thrilling literary adventures. He's published short stories, essays and poems in print and online.
Born in Canada, S.C. Barrus grew up near Seattle in the pacific north west where he lives to this day. He received his degree in creative writing from the University of Washington.
His upcoming novel, Discovering Aberration, is scheduled for release mid-late 2013 in print and ebook format.
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