Thursday, April 4, 2013

Cover Reveal: Sympathy for the Demon (Watchtower Series #4) by Darke Conteur

Sympathy for the Demon (Watchtower Series, #4)

Author: Darke Conteur

Synopsis: The demon within Pele volcano forewarned Jezryall about the coming maelstrom, but it may have been in vain.     

Trapped in Hell, Barb Dole discovers the plan is already in motion. When unleashed, it will bring destruction on a Biblical scale, but doubts surround her co-worker's capability to fight this threat, especially when Martin Cunningham's position within the group is finally revealed.

Undermined by fear, their only saving grace may be time, as they summon an ancient deity whose allegiance toward the Human race is questionable. With an unexpected ally residing in Hell, Jezryall and her team may have the advantage, but for how long?

About the Author: Darke Conteur is a Stay at Home Mom with a passion for writing and a Wiccan. She creates works of fiction ranging from the paranormal genre to the science fiction genre. When she isn’t working on her latest inspired piece by her Muse, she can be found taking care of her Husband and her son (Sithboy). She also has two cats, one kitten and a ghost dog who like to demand her attention as much as possible. She first jumped into the world of e-publishing back in 2011 with The Watchtower, the first novella in her Watchtower Series.

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