Monday, April 1, 2013

Favorites Monday: Nerdalicious Band: TwentyFourSeven

My totally nerd-awesome best bud, Eve, introduced me to the video Nerdy Boy Swag by the band TwentyFourSeven and we have decided they are swoon-stalker-worthy! They are down to earth, RIDICULOUSLY funny and have a great sound. I've dubbed them the nerdy brothers to Family Force 5 band, another band we're obsessed with *hehe*

Band Bio: TwentyForSeven is a group of four best friends from Canton, MI who all have a desire to positively influence as many people as possible through their music. The band has been together for two years, and don't have any intentions of stopping. They describe themselves as a boy band with a pop/rock sound; with their fun and quirky antics, they look to reach as many people as possible for as long as they can. 

Where to Find the Band

Members of the Band

Rajiv Dhall: Vocals and Guitar

Matt Pastor: Bass, Keys and Vocals

Blake Hayes: Guitar and Vocals

Corey DeLuca: Drums

Nerdtastic Vids

Harlem Shake (Twenty-Four Seven Edition)

Nerdy Swag Team

All I Ever Wanted

Dance With Me Tonight (A Cappella)

I Won't Give Up On You (Cover)

Fun Pics

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